John McAfee meltdown continues with bizarre YouTube Antivirus video

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John McAfee was once best known as the founder of the McAfee Antivirus software, but these days the eccentric tech celebrity is better known for the insane life he's recently been living, living on the run from authorities seeking him…

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Anti-virus giants fined over charging customers

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It seems that the two biggest anti-virus companies Symantec and McAfee have been naughty boys. They’ve been hit with fines for £230k for automatically charging customers to renew their subscriptions. Oh dear. Customers complained because they hadn’t been given fair warning that this would happen.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Californian based companies – Microsoft are currently prepping a beta release of their free anti-virus software, Morro.


Consumers should also be aware that there are plenty of other free options available to them for their computer security. AVG and Avast are big names in terms of free anti-virus protection and there are plenty of others out there. Spend a little while researching – you’re sure to find a perfect option to suit your own circumstances.

Also, before you splash out for a commercial option check with your bank to see if you can get free protection through them. Many online banking sites will provide their customers with a link to get free protection with a service that they’d usually have to pay for. For example, Barclays has a deal with Kaspersky and HSBC offers McAfee for free.

It pays to be safe but why pay for something when you don’t have to?

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"Unsafe surfing" leads to 70 spam emails a day. After just a month

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Security firm McAfee, which has a vested interest in spreading panic and fear among internet users but we’ll pretend not to notice, has been experimenting with internet spam.

McAfee sent 50 people from across the world out on the internet while “unprotected” and found they were soon spammed to death within a month. The terms of the experiment were not revealed, so we’re unsure…

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Watch that new digital photo frame… it could be infected with malware

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aluratek-photo-frame.jpgDigital photo frames are all the rage at the moment, and they seem innocuous enough, right? After all, you’re only going to be using them to display a few family photos.

The truth is, though, that the seemingly innocent device on your mantelpiece could be harbouring malicious software, ready to infect your PC. Some of it is specifically written to attach to portable storage devices.

It stands to reason, really, that any storage device, be that hard disc or flash memory based, could contain data which, when transferred to a PC, could manifest as a virus or trojan. Remember when a batch of Apple iPods was shipped complete with a PC virus?

McAfee Security reckons that the most likely point of infection for new hardware is in the Quality Control section of the manufacturer.

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Surprise, surprise: your boss doesn't want you on iTunes, Facebook and YouTube, sez McAfee

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dating-site-banned.jpgMcAfee, the little do-gooder sprites which keep your PC bathed in a healthy glow, has released some interesting findings today spilling all the URLs your bosses don’t want you to be accessing at work. And my, are they…well, predicatable.

Music downloading sites and online dating sites trump the list of websites IT Managers are constantly having to…

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Microsoft's Live OneCare and McAfee software fails to secure Vista

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Independent research released last week suggests that several of pieces of anti-virus software, including Microsoft's own latest offering, fail to fully protect Vista users. Virus Bulletin, together with some Oxfordshire-based security researchers, tested 15 anti-virus packages that claim to be…

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