Android Market spring clean sees emulator apps kicked out

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Google have given their Android Market app store a bit of tidy up, in what games developers must feel is a long-overdue cull of emulator apps. Those looking to play retro console games on their Android handsets are going to…

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Dual-SIM LG-KS660 mobile set for the European market

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Next to the very smiley Japanese lady in the picture to the right are two LG-KS660s, newly announced in Japan from LG. It’s headed for Europe but other than that, we don’t have tonnes of info yet sadly.

What we do know, aside from its dual-SIM nature, is that it’s got a touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera, 8GB of internal memory, TV-OUT and USB connector. It’s basically a touchscreen version of the Nokia N96, in most respects.

We don’t have any pricing or release date info yet, either. Personally speaking, if I was in a bath, and I’d heard the news this was available, I wouldn’t jump out and head straight for the local Carphone Warehouse. I’d wait till I was done in the tub. Even then, I might make a cup of tea and dry my hair first.

(via Akihabara News)

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Nintendo full of itself – claims 99% of US video game growth is down to Wii and DS

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It’s like the last days of the Roman Empire in Nintendo’s American HQ. Fresh from selling a record-breaking 3m DS units and 2m Wiis in America during December alone, the power-crazed toy company has now claimed it’s two machines are responsible for 99% of the growth the game industry saw during 2008.

Nintendo sent out a graph. This might mark the precise moment in time the company got too big for its boots.


The stat behind this ludicrous claim is that the US games industry took $3.35 billion…

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Dom Joly delivers gadget fakery on a market stall

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Electronics retailer Comet is about to start an ad campaign called “A Bluffer’s Guide to Gadgets”, and it’s recruited veteran secret-camera comedian Dom Joly to help. He’s filmed trying to convince the British public that gadgets can do all sorts of insane stuff, like toasting an egg, or putting holograms on your car’s dashboard…

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First look at the Eee PC 900 running Windows XP

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The first hands-on video review has been uploaded to YouTube, with the Hong Kong based PC Market gang showing off just what the Eee PC 900 offers.

They put the Eee onto the catwalk and boy, can it strut. It plays various movie files with ease, browsing the net seems to be uncomplicated, and as for hardware…

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