Automate your home firework display with Launch Kontrol

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Fancy automating your upcoming fireworks display, and reduce the risk of blowing your face off because you just had to go back to see why that last rocket didn’t go off? If so, the Launch Kontrol unit could be for you.

Instead of faffing about with matches to light a firework’s fuse, you just attach an E-clip that can be activated by remote control from up to 25 metres away. This E-clip is heated for a fraction of a second, lighting the fuse safely…

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Maplin launches lightweight seven-inch Minibook

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Maplin has entered the tiny notebook PC market, announcing its Minibook PC with a seven inch TFT widescreen and weighing in at 650 grams.

It runs Linux, has three USB 2.0 ports, stereo speakers and microphone, mouse pad, Xip Office software, SDHC reader, Ethernet, 2GB SSD storage, a “multi-theme display” for use by kids or adults (I’ve no idea), but only 128MB of memory…

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Which? Computing names high street shops selling violent games to 15 year-old girls

Al W Gaming 1 Comment


Good morning, children. Remember how I told you yesterday about a simple way of ordering 18-rated video games online without an age check? Well forget all that complicated postal order crap. A Which? Computing investigation has found that there are actually high street shops out there merrily flogging games to under-age players.

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Maplin intros virtual laser keyboard, type on any flat surface

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Maplin has announced the availability of its Bluetooth Laser Key Projection Keyboard, a gadget that will project a keyboard onto any flat, non-reflective surface and allow you to type. It works by optically tracking finger movements, and incorporates both keyboard and mouse functions.

Maplin claims that it’s comfortable to use, and reduces the wrist strain associated with using a standard keyboard. The keys are also projected larger, which is supposed to assist faster, more accurate typing.

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Maplin stocking DIY FM radio kit, soon to start selling cassette players, ohmigod!

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DIY-FM-radio.jpgHam radio afficionados, can I have your attention for a second? Just pause Halo 3/stop watching your Mum fold your pants/hacking into Natwest and listen up, this might just change your life.

The reputable high-street electronics retailer, stocking not just cables and blank CDs, but incredibly dense sales…

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