Osama Bin Laden Pakistan compound now a playable Counter Strike level

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

Despite being available in various forms since 2004, Counter Strike: Source still attracts a hardcore group of twitch-happy FPS gamers looking to get their online counter-terrorism fix. The game also has one of the most busy modding communities out there…

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Avoid getting lost to snow blindness with the ViewRanger "off-road" sat nav

Gerald Lynch Satellite Navigation systems, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

If you're feeling a bit "Ray Mears" and are planning on braving the great outdoors despite the chilly weather, you might want to consider taking the ViewRanger "off-raod" sat nav with you. Running on any S60 Smartphone and now coming…

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CO2 emissions data mapped on Google Earth

Duncan Geere Science, Websites Leave a Comment

A team of scientists at Purdue University have mapped carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels across the USA. The mega-high-res map will show you CO2 emissions in metric tons per state, county or capita.

The project, which took three years to complete, also breaks down emissions by their source – offering the option of viewing only emissions from electricity production, travel, or residential homes, for example.

To check out the map you’ll need the Google Earth browser plugin, and a bit of patience because it takes a while to load.

Meanwhile, an erstwhile group of Google Earth explorers that thought that they’d found Atlantis have been disappointed. Metro is claiming that the vast city that observers had spotted on the floor of the Atlantic to the west of the Canary Islands is actually just an artifact of the sonar scanning process on the ocean floor. Pity.

(via AFP and Metro)

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Google adds tube map to Google Maps

Duncan Geere Web 2.0, Websites 1 Comment


Google Maps launched its new ‘Transit’ section of Google Maps this morning, which focuses on public transport. Wonderfully, included in the update is a tube map that you can turn on and off on the display – immensely useful for planning ya route across the capital.

Be aware though – because it’s tied to real geographical locations, it might be a bit confusing, and not as intuitive as using the regular tube map. On the other hand, you might find out something useful, like how close Lancaster Gate (on the Central Line) is to Paddington, or Canon Street to Bank, saving you some trouble, and going miles out of your way to change tubes.

If you’ve got a local metro/tube/underground system of some sort, is it shown on Google’s new layer? Let us know in the comments. Now… if only Google would release street view in the UK…

Google Maps UK (via TechCrunch)

Related posts: Google Earth maps Ancient Rome, hope to catch up to modern Rome within the next 2000 years | Google goes mega-high-resolution on Google Maps with the GeoEye-1 satellite

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Art as Games: Counterstrike map based on Van Gogh painting

Duncan Geere Gaming 1 Comment


We did gaming as art, here’s art as games. An enterprising young chap has recreated Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting (pictured) in the form of a Counterstrike map. It’s stunningly beautiful, and a reminder that gamers, even though we like killing things, appreciate beauty, too.

Check out a video tour of the map over the jump and marvel at amount of Van Gogh references crammed into this creation. Rock, Paper, Shotgun asks ‘What long-dead artistic visionary would you base a game on?’. I’d go for Edward Hopper. His use of light rivals anything that a modern 3D game engine could cook up.

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Keep your eye on the destruction of the planet with the Real-Time Global Disaster Alert Map

Ryan Weir Internet, Science, Websites Leave a Comment

How are you feeling? Feeling good? Happy? Good, well go look at something else.

Feeling terribly depressed? Just watched ‘Zeitgeist the Movie‘ and think the world is going to hell in a teacup? Well, excellent. Join me, and read on…

The world is a big place, and no matter how often you read the papers or watch the news, you have no idea exactly how big the scale of the problems that exist at anyone time around the planet really is. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Biological Hazards, Chemical accidents.. all these things are happening somewhere on the globe right now and unless you have access to the Thunderbirds mission control computer on Tracy Island, then you’re completely ignorant of them all.

Well, you were. Not anymore. Because EDIS, a non-profit emergency services organisation in Hungary, has provided us with a free-to-use online map compiling all of the world’s reported disasters in continually refreshing real-time. The perfect thing to look at and fret over.

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