Smartphone, laptop demands will lead to future metal shortages

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Geologists are warning of major shortages of certain types of metals as an "inexorable demand for consumer goods" such as smartphones and laptops is meaning that gadget manufacturers are using up the resources far more quickly than they can be…

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RIM slowing BlackBerry PlayBook production following poor sales of iPad rival

Gerald Lynch BlackBerry, Tablet, Tech Digest news 5 Comments

BlackBerry PlayBook manufacturers RIM are reportedly slowing production of their iPad-rivalling tablet device, following a poor second-qaurter earnings report. Component and OEM trackers DigiTimes are reporting that RIM's production partners Quanta are laying off as many as 1,000 workers,…

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iPhone 4G set to come in white too?

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There have been so many leaks relating to the new model of the iPhone that if they all turn out to be the real deal, there hardly seems any point in Steve Jobs going through the motions of a glitzy…

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Second iPhone 4G found in Vietnam

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iPhone 4Gs are like buses; you wait ages for one then two come along at once! Yet another iPhone 4G has purportedly been found by Vietnamese website Taoviet. The pictures definitely look convincing – or at least as convincing as…

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iPhone 4G to be delayed by court ruling?

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The iPhone 4G may be delayed by an unexpected court ruling. And no, before you ask, it has nothing to do with stolen devices or industrial espionage, but a rather less interesting lawsuit concerning the next-gen iPhone's screen. LG…

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Apple setting up its own chip manufacturing arm

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There’s a rumour swirling around that Apple is cherry-picking an elite fighting force of engineers and people who know all there is to know about semiconductors to create a computer chip business of its very own.

Almost everything that the company makes relies on a chip of some sort, so bringing the manufacturing process in-house would help them reduce costs and build to its own specifications. Unfortunately, it would also set back the ‘compatibility’ factor of Apple products.

What many expect Apple to do, at least in the short term, is create iPhone chips, so that the devices can be created with greater performance and battery life. The company recently appointed former AMD executives to senior positions within its own organisation. Apple, as always, has declined to comment on the rumours.

(via Vnunet)

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AMD to split into two companies

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Business news anyone? It might not be very exciting, but if you don’t have an Intel chip in the PC you’re reading this on, then you’ll almost certainly have an AMD chip in there, so pay attention.

AMD are splitting their business into two companies. The first will be focused on designing microprocessors, and the second will actually manufacture them – a process which is expensive and debt-laden. The new manufacturing company will be called the Foundry Company, and AMD will own 44.4 percent of it, with the rest being owned by a Abu Dhabi company called Advanced Technology…

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