1 in 3 would rather use a health gadget than doctor. NHS could save £36 billion?

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Over a third of Brits (35 per cent) would rather turn to health gadgets, like Withings Smart Body Analyser pictured right, instead of visiting the doctor, according to new research published today. The survey conducted by independent shopping price comparison…

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Manchester United ban Twitter

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TWITTER HAS BEEN BANNED…well for some well known sportsmen at least. No this isn't the latest clampdown from communist China, it's the Premiership's very own Manchester United riling against social networking. The football club have taken control of Twitter accounts…

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Police launching criminal YouTube?

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police-video-crimes.jpgManchester police have come over all forward-thinking, launching a new crime submission page that accepts photos and even videos of crimes.

So if you’ve just sat by doing nothing, idly filming a gang of youths mugging a pensioner on your mobile, it’s possible to alleviate your guilt a little bit by sending the footage to the police…

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Daily Tech Hotlinks for 18-June-2007: China, Sony, closed captioning, text speak, Blu-ray

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– China is blaming the internet for 80% of juvenile crime, including murders, such as the case of the 16year old boy who killed his parents for refusing to give him money to go to a cybercafe.
– Shock! Horror! Sony’s PR department actually does some work, and apologises to The Church of England for the Resistance: Fall of Man business. Next shock: Sony actually releases quality video games!
– Could closed captioning be coming to web videos, for those hard of hearing who simply must watch the video of two otters holding hands?
– The British Goverment…

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