Q&A: Edward Saatchi on NationalField, Obama and the democratisation of the workplace

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Edward Saatchi, son of millionaire advertising mogul Maurice Saatchi, is being billed as the UK's answer to Mark Zuckerberg. His private, enterprise focussed social network NationalField is credited as a key tool in President Obama's successful election campaign, and,…

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iPhone App Round-up: Valentine's room, Riddim Ribbon, Postman Pat and more!

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This week's trip to Apple's app store finds the shop in a romantic mood. Opening the doors to their Valentine's room reveals a wealth of loved-up e-cards and love poems, as well as apps to make sure you get your…

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Championship Manager heading to the iPhone

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Girlfriends, prepare for a long lonely summer. Championship Manager is coming to the iPhone. The life-destroying football management sim game will appear on Apple’s handset very shortly, as it’s reportedly currently going through the approvals process.

It’s not the only football management game on the handset, there’s also one called “Manage Your Football Club”, but the arrival of the best-selling franchise on the device will certainly excite fans who get cravings on the bus or in doctor’s waiting rooms.

There’s still not too much detail about what effects porting the game onto such a small device will have, but a “2D match engine” has been promised, as well as real team and player names.

(via Pocket Gamer)

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USA orders Sequoia – "the fastest supercomputer in the world"

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Not content with owning the fastest computer in the world, the USA wants to keep its title, so it’s ordered one fifteen times faster. The current fastest, IBM’s Roadrunner, is designed for 1.7 Petaflops, whereas the new one should be able to crank out 20 – that’s 20,000 trillion floating point operations per second. Impressive.

It’ll be packing 1.6 million processor cores, putting my quad-core to shame, and will be based on IBM’s Blue Gene/Q supercomputer. What are they going to use it for? Managing their nuclear weapons stockpile. Yes, they’ve still got that many. It’ll occupy 96 server racks over an area the size of a tennis court, and use 6 megawatts of power.

While they’re building it, they’re building a smaller supercomputer to build the applications that’ll run on the big one. “Dawn” will run at 500 teraflops. The only thing unspecified? How much the whole project’s going to cost. I suspect it won’t be cheap.

(via PC World)

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RUMOUR: Virgin Media 50Mbps cable in a few weeks?

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ThinkBroadband are reporting that a poster to their forums has leaked some info regarding a 50Mbps product from Virgin Media on their cable broadband network. The rollout is apparently due to start in “two weeks”, and should be completed by April 2009.

Price-wise the service won’t be cheap, with 50Mbps setting you back £52 a month. It’s purported to be a mandatory 12 month contract too, meaning you’ll be dropping £624 over the year on your extra-fast broadband, before any setup or connection fees…

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