Twitch malware can drain users’ Steam accounts

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Malware that can spread through Twitch’s chat feature will try to bleed your Steam account dry, according to security software maker F-Secure. The malware originates from an automated account which, according to F-Secure, "bombards channels and invites viewers to participate in a weekly raffle for a chance to win things such as 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive'…

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Almost 10% of Android apps are malware: report

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Thinking of switching form iPhone to Android? You might want to think again. It seems that as many as nine per cent of Android apps – that's almost one in every 10 – are fully or partially malware, according to new research. The figure comes from Cheetah Mobile's security report for the first half of 2014. Cheetah…

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"BadNews" Android malware downloaded 9 million times, says security specialists Lookout

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A new malicious string of Android malware called "BadNews" may have been downloaded as many as 9 million times say mobile security experts Lookout. Revealed in a Lookout blog posting over the weekend, the malware has sat hidden in 32…

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Facebook hit by "sophisticated" hacking attack

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Social networking giant Facebook have been hit by what it describes as a "sophisticated" hacking attack through a previously unknown loophole in its systems. Though the company insists that none of the personal data belonging to its 1 billion+ users…

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Andy Murray is the most dangerous British Olympic athlete…in cyberspace

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Andy Murray has been named the most dangerous British Olympic athlete, but not perhaps for the reasons you'd first think. No, it's not his speeding-bullet tennis serve, nor the thought of his (frankly terrifying) mum flying at you in a…

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Apple working with ISPs to fix Mac Flashback trojan

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Apple believe they have found a fix for the Flashback trojan which is thought to have infected some 600,000 Mac computers across the globe. Flashback is a botnet that can issue commands to infected machines, harvesting usernames and passwords…

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