NME and BlackBerry team up for new "Breakthrough" music social network

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NME and BlackBerry are to team up on a new social network. Breakthrough will be primarily aimed at musicians and music fans, allowing users to upload music and videos onto a network teeming with music aficionados. Uploaded music will also…

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Poll: GamesMaster TV show in talks to return, but who should take the title role?

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Anyone old enough to have owned an Amiga 500 or Super Nintendo when they were first released will have fond memories of Channel 4's gaming show, GamesMaster. The show was a mixture of gaming news and contestant-based challenges, set by…

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Retro: PC Plus from 1986 now online

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If, like me, you get slightly weepy-eyed thinking about computers from 1986, then have I got a link for you. PC Plus magazine has put up its first issue ever online for you to flick through at your leisure.

There’s discussion of Word Processors, printers reviewed and tested, and in the ads at the back is a computer with an 8MHz motherboard, monochrome monitor, serial port, and floppy drive for £400.

Most intriguingly of all, in the back is a review of a game called “Leather Goddesses of Phobos” that comes in three modes – “Tame”, “Suggestive” and “Lewd”, and is accompanied in the box by a pair of 3D glasses and a scratch and sniff card(!). The conclusion? “Should keep you busy for months”.

Go check it out and remind yourself of the days when a help section offered advice on creating batch files, and the handy hint: “One thing to avoid at all costs is typing “DEL ” at the command prompt”. Brilliant.

PC Plus (via @richardcobbett)

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Esquire magazine thinks that the 21st century begins in September, thanks to E-Ink

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Despite what the header may imply, E-Ink is not a mind-altering narcotic (although I’ve personally never tried drinking the contents of a Sony Reader). E-Ink is in fact an amazing new-ish type of electronic paper that could revolutionise the way we think about books and magazines. You can already see its extremely impressive abilities in the aforementioned Sony device, as well as its rival, the Amazon Kindle. This does not explain the appalling time keeping at Esquire though.

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Check out MyNuts

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That joke will never get tired. Never!

Lowest common denominator idiot magazine Nuts has made its social networking site MyNuts live, after an apparently successful month-long beta trial. At the moment, it seems to be a way for slightly odd-looking women from small towns to show strange men in baseball caps photographs of their bodies via the internet. Awesome.

Here’s how Nuts describes its venture…

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Vote for your favourite tech or online god in Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential poll

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Time has put their annual top 100 Most Influential People poll online, with readers asked to vote on over 200 finalists.

As expected, the likes of Barack Obama, the Dalai Lama and…George Clooney all feature, but many tech maestros are featured predominantly too. It’s tough choosing between Microsoft lads Paul Allen, Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates, but what about Steve Jobs or Michael Dell?

Then there are the usual online characters, including Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Drudge,…

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