The Hobbit 48fps HFR Odeon and Vue UK cinema screens revealed

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is expected to be one of this winter's big cinema hits. The first in a new trilogy based on the J.R.R Tolkien novel, it's directed by Peter Jackson (he of "Lord of the Rings" fame),…

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Avatar passes $1 billion mark at box office

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Avatar, the 3D epic from Terminator and Aliens helmsman James Cameron, has passed the $1 billion mark at box-office. It's one of only five flicks ever to do so and, having reached the figure in just 17 days, it means…

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The Battle of Pelennor Fields – recreated in sweets by Lord of the Rings-loving lunatics

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Cashing in on the staggering popularity of last year’s Helm’s Deep made out of sweets, serial Tolkien-thing-out-of-sweets-makers have made another Tolkien scene out of sweets.

They do not say why. It just seems to be how that particularly family celebrates Christmas.

“All told this year’s project took about seven days of off and on work” say the makers of their mammoth sugary enterprise, and here is but a sample of what they made.


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