Twitter response leads to football's first "Twansfer" at Yeovil Town

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Twitter has scored another first today, after Yeovil Town football clubs manager Terry Skiverton has said that his latest transfer is all thanks to the social networking sensation. Hailed as the first "twansfer" as Twitter was so instrumental in the…

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Opinion: Please, please me and put The Beatles on iTunes!

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Jonathan Weinberg writes… Help, I need somebody, help, not just anybody, help, you know I need someone… who can blooming well tell me if we are ever going to be able to buy Beatles songs on the interweb.

I’m not one of those nuts who says they’re the greatest band in the world, but I can understand why it’s so important to have their tunes in digital form. After all, there’s millions of people out there who’d listen to the Liverpool Fab Four eight days a week if they could…

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Top 5 Gadgets For Jose Mourinho

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If there’s one thing us fellas love more than football, it’s gadgets! And with Jose Mourinho now leaving Chelsea and Stamford Bridge, he’ll have a bit of time on his hands – plus a bit of spare cash no doubt with any payoff he may have got.

So, just in case he’s sitting there at home today reading Tech Digest while watching the TV disect his and Roman Abramovitch’s decision, here’s our top five gizmos that the man in the funny coat might like. Five special ones for ‘The Special One’ I guess you could call it…

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Gordon Brown wants Citizen's Jury to discuss game violence

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gordon-brown.jpgGun-toting teenage gangs on the streets of Liverpool? You could blame Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto, or you could look at the wider issues around Britain’s emerging gang culture, look at how the adults who arm these children are getting hold of drugs and guns, before tackling the socio-economic reasons why so many kids are turning to petty crime in the first place.

Anyway, Gordon Brown is plumping for Plan A…

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Opinion: Technology is making the beautiful game even more beautiful!

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Jon_small_new.jpgWe’re just 24 hours away from the start of the Premier League football season in England and the collective sigh of relief will surely reverberate around the UK at 12.45pm tomorrow when Sunderland kick off the new campaign against Spurs.

But things are changing for 07/08 and technology is beginning to form as great a partnership alongside football as Rooney/Tevez, Berbatov/Bent and Viduka/Owen.

A whole host of technology is about to come on stream to make football far more than heading to the pub with your mates at 3pm on a Saturday…

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