Alienware X51 gaming PC now available with Ubuntu Linux OS: A third-party Steam Box?

Gerald Lynch Computers, Gaming, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

Alienware, one of the world's leading gaming PC hardware manufacturers, has revealed a new variant of its Alienware X51 gaming PCs that comes complete with Canonical's Ubuntu Linux operating system. Designed for the living room through its small form-factor, with…

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Intel promise smartphones with 10 day battery life by 2011

Gerald Lynch Energy & Efficiency, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

Intel have been showing off their new Moorestown mobile processor, now renamed the Intel Atom Z-Series. Thanks to the processor's intelligent power consumption, they believe that they'll be able to offer a phone with ten days worth of battery life…

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Hack lets Android dual-boot with with regular OS on iPhone

Gerald Lynch Android apps, Apple, Google, iPhone, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news, YouTube Video of the Day 1 Comment

Android fans and iPhone-owning Google sympathisers may want to pay particular attention to this post. David Wong, a young Canadian coder has pulled off a feat of software-hacking mastery by getting his iPhone to dual-boot the Android OS alongside…

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First generation fat PS3s bricked by new 3.21 firmware update

Gerald Lynch Features, Gaming, Tech Digest news 17 Comments

If you've got an old-style bread-bin PlayStation 3 now would be a good time to switch off your internet router. The latest update from Sony's servers is causing nightmares for first generation PS3 owners, bricking their consoles and stopping them…

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