Top five left-handed gadgets for Left Handed Day 2008!

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Today is apparently International Left Handed Day – a day presumably intended to promote understanding of the terribly hardships those who were not as lucky as the rest of us in the genetic lottery as to receive correctly working hands.

Lefties are a strange bunch – all of the verbal abuse calling them freaks of nature, and the jokes made at their expense (and this is just stuff I’ve done) has not caused them to man-up and take it as you might expect, but seems to have made them a hideously insecure bunch. Google for “left handed”, and the chances are you’ll find tonnes of websites selling t-shirts saying things like “Left is right” or “Everyone is born right-handed: only the greatest overcome it”, which I suppose is one way of looking at their plight.

Last year TechDigest had a look at five gadgets to make life easier for lefties – now here’s five more solutions to the lefty problem…

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Sony Ericsson PXi concept phone for left-handers – but why?

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This concept piece is apparently designed with left-handed mobile users in mind. But there are no details about what’s different on creator Bence Bogar’s design site. The little thumb wheel is right there, on the right-hand side, exactly where it is on all those fancy Blackberry things. It’s pretty much symmetrical.

It looks like a perfectly normal iPhone rip-off:


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Top five left-handed gadgets for Left Handed Day 2007!

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leftvirgin.jpg Your whole life you’ve been ostracised for being a darn lefty, you’ve had troubles using implements such as knives and scissors every day of your life. Of course, you’re blessed with an extra-creative mind, but that’s small compensation when you can’t even open a tin of baked beans. Today you can rejoice in all your left-handed glory however, as not only is it the international Left Handed Day 2007, but we’ve put together a list of the top five gadgets for lefties, enjoy.

1.) Virgin’s Sony Ericsson LH-Z200 mobile phone – it’s about three years old, but you can still find them lurking on eBay, where they have a unique keypad layout perfect for lefties, with the number keys positioned from right to left. It was £119.99 when it came out three years ago, but would obviously be significantly less now…

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