Top five left-handed gadgets for Left Handed Day 2007!

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leftvirgin.jpg Your whole life you’ve been ostracised for being a darn lefty, you’ve had troubles using implements such as knives and scissors every day of your life. Of course, you’re blessed with an extra-creative mind, but that’s small compensation when you can’t even open a tin of baked beans. Today you can rejoice in all your left-handed glory however, as not only is it the international Left Handed Day 2007, but we’ve put together a list of the top five gadgets for lefties, enjoy.

1.) Virgin’s Sony Ericsson LH-Z200 mobile phone – it’s about three years old, but you can still find them lurking on eBay, where they have a unique keypad layout perfect for lefties, with the number keys positioned from right to left. It was £119.99 when it came out three years ago, but would obviously be significantly less now…

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