Salmon sperm – the new force in energy efficient LED lighting

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salmon-enhanced-bio-led.jpgContinuing today’s exciting DNA theme, we bring you exciting news in the often overlooked world of salmon sperm.

Andrew Steckl, a photonics expert from the University of Cincinnati, has been experimenting with biological materials in an attempt to create newer, better forms of LED lighting…

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Boomerang with LED lights? Bet the Aborigines wish they'd thought of that!

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I’d love to see the faces of some Aboriginal elders when they watch this LED boomerang in action for the first time – I wonder if they’d be like proud fathers watching their kid learn to walk, or shaking their head in disgust at what was once a way of catching prey for survival turn into a form of entertainment for the 21st Century.

American Eric Darnell has recently shown off his latest invention, a foam boomerang called the ‘Scimitar’ which has been affixed with LED lights. As you can tell from the picture, when thrown, the boomerang is tracked…

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Fake colour-changing LED garden stones

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colourstonesgarden.jpg Remember back in January 2006, when British secret agents were caught planting a fake stone in Moscow, kitted out with espionage gear such as microphones and cameras? I imagine that the international scandal inspired the company Wiedamark to create lights disguised as garden stones. Not exactly international espionage, but still darn sneaky…

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SEE toys: A range of eco-friendly toys charged by kid-power

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The Zen Design Group is to launch a range of children’s toys which feature LEDs powered by a hand crank that the child operates to provide power to the rechargeable batteries.

SEE Toys (Safety, Ecology, and Economy) include Dynafly, a laughing bug which moves its arms and head and whose eyes and tail light up with LEDs when the crank is turned.

“I wasn’t trying to be trendy,” said company president, Sun Yu. “I looked at my product line one day and thought about how nice it would be to not have to replace and purchase batteries. The product I wanted to make just fit into the times.”

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