LaCie announces 700 Series of LCD monitors for creative pros

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LaCie has announced its new line of LCD monitors, the 700 Series, aimed at creative professionals who need accurate on-screen colour reproduction to be confident about what will be printed.

Available in 20, 24, and 30-inch models, the monitors feature RGB LED backlighting, offering purer red, green and blue colour for a larger range of colours — up to 123% of the Adobe RGB spectrum, in fact…

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Scientists develop a 3D image cube: not quite HDTV yet

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We’ve already seen the gCubik from Japanese researchers, and now Chinese boffins have come up with the LED Cube, an early prototype which could lead on to 3D imaging.

Currently using 1,000 LEDs supported by Plexiglass, low resolution video is transmitted to the Cube’s microchip, which then controls the individual diodes to create the required pattern…

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Glow away in blue with this USB LED light tube speaker

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There’s no shortage of things you can plug in to a spare USB port these days, but this looks a little more classy than a humping dog, and it plays your tunes, too.

Brando’s USB LED Light Tube Speaker offers stereo sound, a built-in blue LED tube (funny that), and is powered from the USB port, so no need for mains power. Use the audio lead to plug in to PC, laptop, or MP3 player, and you’re away…

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New MacBooks to contain LED backlit screens, boost Greenpeace's opinion on Apple

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Added to the multi-touch trackpads, slimmer and lighter frames and potential new aluminum casings, MacBooks will soon be outfitted with LED backlights.

According to DigiTimes, a Taiwanese BLU manufacturer Kenmos Technology will provide Apple with the LED units for their new MacBook range, in addition to the MacBook Airs and Pros which already feature the technology. Little else is known about the deal, however this is one step closer to the birth of a new, green Apple, with LED…

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Now the whole world can enjoy LED assisted tweezers

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If you set a date in your diary and let your eyebrows grow in anticipation of an all-day plucking session after Stu’s review of Tchibo’s ‘high-grade stainless steel corrosion-resistant’ LED tweezers (storage case with integrated mirror included), you’ll be delighted more of the same is now available online for the bargain price of $10.

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Rubik's Cube who? The Fentix Cube is the 21st century fun-cube

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And you thought the new Rubik’s Revolution Cube was the height of geek chic!

Designer Andrew Fentem has created the Fentix Cube, which is similar to the ‘80s playtoy we all have languishing in that draw containing rubber bands and marker pens missing their lids. Each side contains…

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Under the rainbow lurks the Discovery Rainbow In My Room

Katherine Hannaford Gadgets, Toys

indoor-rainbow-maker.jpgObviously with all good things in life, moderation is key. If you have chocolates often, and get given flowers everyday, you’ll inevitably become desensitised to it, until the scary day when receiving a gift doesn’t mean anything at all.

Surely the same notion works with rainbows too? That’s why I’m sceptical about the Discovery Rainbow In My Room, which splashes a prismatic rainbow arc of colour onto walls or ceilings, created by LED lights…

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