Virtual Jimi Hendrix in Guitar Hero: World Tour

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Well Rock Band 2 may have AC/DC, Dylan and Motorhead but Activision has just announced an exclusive deal on Guitar Hero 4 for none other than the guitar genius that is Jimi Hendrix.

Yes, Guitar Hero: World Tour will feature not only feature both The Wind Cries Mary and a live version of Puple Haze but there’ll even be a virtual Jimi…

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30 Trends in Digital Music: 6-10

Stuart Dredge Digital Music Leave a Comment

Led_Zeppelin.jpgIt’s time for the second in our series of posts looking at the big trends in digital music – an area that Tech Digest has been covering more and more this year. Today’s set of five include choose-your-own pricing, USB music sticks, record labels taking on iTunes, gnarly old bands getting webby, and the potential of Joost and online TV for music.

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Led Zeppelin are searching for unsigned bands (You!) on to support their reunion show

Katherine Hannaford Digital Music, Websites Leave a Comment

Searching for another reason to justify the squillion pounds Led Zeppelin will be charging per ticket for their reunion show? How about the fact that they’re supporting unsigned bands by looking on for the perfect acts to play at their after-party gig?

Any bands confident in impressing…

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