The internet is a better teacher than a school – here’s some reasons why.

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Today is GCSE exam results day here in the UK, when teenagers across the country will be nervously open envelopes to learn how they did - after spending the past couple of years putting in all that effort. Here's the thing though: School's a bit of a boring way to learn. So here's some hi-tech…

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Twitter buys “deep learning” company Madbits

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Does Twitter know everything? It soon might thanks to its acquisition of intelligence technology firm Madbits. Twitter users often joke about asking the "hive-mind" questions, but could Twitter soon have an actual hive-mind? (Umm, probably not). The company has built software that will analyse tweets to extract meaning and detail - meaning that Twitter will…

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MWC 2011: 3D Magic Book by SK Telecom hands-on preview video

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Proving it's not all about tablets and smartphones at this year's Mobile World Congress event are SK Telecom, who were previewing thier fun new 3D Magic Book range. Bringing augmented reality to childrens text books, the 3D Magic Book…

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Learn to play guitar with LASERS

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I’m afraid, before you get too excited, that this is a concept product. It’s an awesome idea, though – using lasers to teach people songs, highlighting the appropriate frets to press down.

Of course there’s the small issue of your fingers blocking the light, and it’d have to be clamped onto the guitar very tightly indeed to prevent the lasers going astray, but with those caveats aside, this could be a great way to nail those tricky solos.

(via Dvice)

More laser action: Raygun testing begins – 100kW electro-laser nearly ready for battlefield use | Do a Jean Michel Jarre with your very own Laser Harp

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PureSolo is Karaoke 2.0, and great for learning instruments, too

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PureSolo is a new application designed for people to sing, or play, along with backing tracks. It’s great for drunken Karaoke after lunch on Christmas day, but it’s also good for any aspiring musicians – classical or rock & pop – to play along as if they were in a real band.

Each song offered by the service is missing a particular track, be that vocals, guitar, or even oboe or alto sax. When you join you get one free download, but beyond that, each track costs £1 to £2. You can record your efforts with a microphone, and use headphones, too.

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Learn, or teach, a language online with Myngle

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It’s tough learning a language. It’s easy to start, but it takes a loooong time to become proficient, and if you’re not using it every day it’s difficult to keep it in your head. If you need to learn a language, for work or just for fun, then Myngle might be for you.

The language-learning service has just hit 100,000 unique users a month, and left beta status. It allows anyone to learn or teach a language from their computer. The latest stats say that students from 152 countries are learning a language from teachers in 62 countries. Languages offered right now include Arabic, Kazakh, Finnish, Sanskrit and Cebuano. If you know where Cebuano is spoken, then give yourself a pat on the back.

If you want to find out more then there’s a delightfully cheesy infomercial style video here, or just click over to the website and look around.


Related posts: Voxswap social networking site could help you learn a new language, launches today | Google Translate adds new language conversion features to web searching

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Robots walking faster and learning from their mistakes – but still rubbish

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The disappointingly slow development of decent robots continues disappointingly slowly, with RunBot – the latest little robot that's barely able able to walk on two feet and learn from its mistakes. It takes the thing four attempts to learn how to walk up a really small hill. And it appears to be held up with wires.

Basically, robots are rubbish.

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