Student Fees London demonstration – Twitter comics weigh in

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While the student fee increases that have inspired today's protests in London are no laughing matter, we cant help but be tickled by the response from the Twitter hardcore . No-one is spared from the acerbic wit of the Twitterati!…

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Digital Economy Bill will not be repealed

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The Digital Economy Bill, the move rushed in during the last days of the Labour government that would see ISPs suspending the accounts of illegal file-sharers, will not be repealed. That is according to the New Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport…

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Facebook adds "I've Voted" button for General Election

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If you're a UK resident and haven't been living under a stone for the last month, you'll know that today is vote-casting day in one of the most closely run General Elections in recent history. Facebook, recognising its platform's ability…

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15 Must-Follow General Election Twitter feeds

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If there is one thing other than "Bigotgate" that this General Election will be remembered for, it'll be the growing use of social media to share party policies and give voice to the nation's voters. From the #nickcleggsfault hashtag to…

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The General Election in 12 YouTube videos

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The 2010 General Election is almost upon us, and after months of long, hard campaigning up and down the streets of Britain, it's turned out to be pretty riveting, nail-biting stuff. A real three-horse race for the first time…

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Facebook and YouTube line-up digital election debates with Party leaders

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The leaders of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties will all be taking part in online debates in the run up to this year's general election. Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will answer questions asked by the…

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UK super-fast broadband tax scrapped at the last minute

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The controversial £6 per year super-fast broadband tax has been dropped as the government races to push through key legislation before Parliament is dissolved next week. The tax on all households with a land-line was to raise £170 million a…

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Tories plan super-fast broadband network by 2017

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The Conservative party have vowed to deliver a super-fast broadband network to UK homes by 2017. Is this a case of pre-election carrot-dangling or do the Tories have some concrete plans up their sleeves? The Tories plan to end BT's…

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Tweetminster lets you follow your MP on Twitter

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It’s nice to see Twitter going from strength-to-strength, and I genuinely believe that it’s got the potential to do for status updates and IM what Facebook did for social networking. The latest application to sit on top of the service is a TheyWorkForYou-style service called Tweetminster that lets you search for your MP and see whether or not they’re on Twitter.

Unfortunately my MP, Jeremy Corbyn, isn’t Twittering yet, but he’s the kind of guy who might, so I’m hoping he picks up on it soon. In the meantime, I now know that Jude Robinson [Lab] “is steaming over the Lib Dems’ Airport Inquiry” and Jo Swinson [LD] is “so heading home to change and go into Parliament”. Exciting stuff.

Tweetminster (via @jordanstone)

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