Opinion: Amazon's Kindle won't make E-Books popular but how hard can it be?

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Jon_smal.gifJonathan Weinberg writes…

I don’t read as much as I used to, one look at the amount of books in my house is enough evidence to tell that story. Not that I don’t have many, oh no, I’ve got shelves full of novels and non-fiction. It’s just most of them are bought on a whim, and then a few pages in swapped for something else or put down to play the Xbox 360 or check out the telly.

Children too aren’t reading as much as they should. In fact, David Cameron, the Tory leader, is about to announce plans to try and get every
youngster up to speed with their reading by the age of six. It’s a massive failure in any education system when kids can’t pick out enough words to enjoy a story without it being spoken to them…

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Rumour: Amazon's Kindle wireless e-book reader set for October launch

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amazon_kindle2.jpgE-books have been the Next Big Thing for years now, but there’s finally some substance behind the claim. The New York Times is claiming that Amazon’s much-rumoured Kindle e-book reader device will go on sale in October, costing $400-$500 in the US. What’s more, they reckon it’ll wirelessly connect to an e-book store on Amazon.com.

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