It may be Bill Gates's last day at Microsoft, but it's also…my last day at Tech Digest!

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Long-term readers of Tech Digest will know that I have more than just a crush on Bill Gates and Microsoft. Of course, I’m usually objective when writing about their products, and Apple stuff too (I will confess to owning an iBook and have had two iPods to date), but there’s just something about Microsoft that makes my heartbeat quicken. Adam Frucci over at Gizmodo summed up the attraction well, and managed to hit the it on the head when he said “Windows is an OS that feels structured and it makes sense”, and that it has “its engine exposed, and while it might not always be pretty, if you know what you’re doing you really have access to the whole thing”.

That’s why I’m both pleased – and sad – to tell you that today, I am joining Bill Gates on the miserable journey home, clutching a cardboard box full of desk furnishings like personalised mouse-pads, and Star Wars figurines. Yep, it’s my last day here at Shiny Media, and my last day as your Editor on Tech Digest. After three years of service, it’s time to hang up my log-in privileges and hand the reins of Tech Digest over to Daniel Sung, who has been Editorial Assistant on the site the last few months. His more than capable hands take over this Monday, the 30th of June, and if I’ve managed to gain any fans along the years, don’t stress – you’ll still be able to find me online as of the 7th of July, working at a major UK tech site.

See over the jump for some behind-the-Shiny-scenes photos, and some of my highlights from the past three years…

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Steve Jobs didn't mention MMS for the iPhone 3G, but will it actually support picture messages?

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One of the most disappointing aspects about the iPhone 3G announcement was the lack of announcement surrounding MMS, or picture-messaging for acronym haterz. How could Jobs forget such an important feature? When crummy old Motorolas can send photos, it’s surprising the iPhone cannot.

Or can it? New details have emerged via an internal email at American carrier AT&T regarding a service that sounds distinctly like MMS. Users will be able to attach several images, plus an audio file and video to a normal SMS. Kind of like…oh wait, is it…an MMS?…

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Work from your bed like the fatty you are, with the Boom Arm Starbase Workstation

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Nobody actually buys these workstations, do they? I mean, the only reason companies create treadmills-cum-workstations is for laughs, right?

This one really takes the cake, and err, will ensure you always have cakecrumbs littering your bedsheets. Roll it over your bed, pop your laptop on the mechanical arm, and you can stay in bed doing…

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Shiny Video Review: Guitar Hero Rocker

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Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360, Wii or PS3 is pretty expensive, particularly if you want a second guitar peripheral to battle it out with your mates. If you’re looking for something similar, but under £30, don’t look further than the Guitar Hero Rock, at IWOOT.

Costing £29.99, it’s a belt that lets you strum your air guitar silly to popular riffs such as Iron Man, Smoke on the Water and Ace of Spades….

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Lamp made from cassette tapes manages to look awesome and help environment

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Here’s what I call a lamp! Throw out the IKEA free-standers, and buy yourself one of these limited edition cassette tape lamps from Transparent House.

Each lamp is hand-made using 140 actual tapes, which cast surprisingly pretty shadows onto the surrounding walls. Before you ask whether the bulb might melt the plastic tapes, don’t fret, as the designer…

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Nokia N95 used to capture footage of UFOs in Liverpool, Nokia rejoices over free publicity

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Slightly tenuous tech story for a Thursday afternoon, but it’s about UFOs, and as we’re re-watching old X-Files series in anticipation of the upcoming film I figure we can probably squeeze it in.

A chap up in Liverpool, UK, supposedly spied a UFO this week and managed to film it on his Nokia N95. Unfortunately he’d never actually used the camera on it before, so it took him 10 minutes to figure out how to switch it on. By the time he managed, the UFO hadn’t…

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Beer dispenser can chill your lager, be disguised as blender

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Easily hidden from your disapproving estrogen-laden other half, this beer dispenser has been disguised to look just like a blender.

Simply fill up the chiller compartment with ice-cubes, and then you can decant four pints’ worth of beer (or whatever alcoholic beverage you’d prefer to get you in the mood for a Club Tropicana singalong). Just…

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Pocket Gamer pulls out '101 songs that should've been about Pokemon' list, astounds everyone

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When Stuart, our previous editor here at Tech Digest, moved on to Pocket Gamer, you may’ve noticed his colossal lists moved on too. Fans of Stuart’s lengthy posts will rejoice to hear he’s done the internet’s most amazing list ever on Pocket Gamer today – 101 Songs That Aren’t About Pokemon (But Should Be).

Favourites include Queen’s ‘It’s A Kind of Magikarp’, Radiohead’s ‘Fake Plastic Treeckos’, and House of Pain’s ‘Jumpluff Around’. I didn’t think he’d be able to get to 101 either, but there you go – proof that the music industry should take inspiration from Pikachu and friends…

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YouTube Hits: Mr. T navigating Mario Kart on the Wii

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Navtones is a company that offers celebrity voices for your sat-nav, with Mr. T being an obvious favourite. Any GPS product that can swear at you by saying “I said turn right, not left, you damn fool!” gets two hearty thumbs up.

They’ve now put a video up on YouTube of Mr. T navigating Mario on Mario Kart, providing instant giggles to your day. Enjoy…

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Internet-famous man who traded one red paperclip for a house is now selling…the house

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Remember the One Red Paperclip chap? Yes, I know, I had to strain my memory-gland too, it’s rather difficult keeping track of all the internet-famous ce-web-rities isn’t it? American Kyle MacDonald started with a red paperclip which he traded for bigger and better objects, eventually ending with a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

Gaining fame and possessions along the way, he has now put the 3bed/2bath house on the market, although is offering to trade it…

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