BREAKING NEWS: HMV set Nintendo 3DS UK price at £229, most expensive handheld ever

Gerald Lynch Features, Gaming, Tech Digest news 5 Comments

Though Nintendo would not be held down for a price on the 3DS handheld system at the console's Amsterdam launch today, HMV are the first retailers to set a UK price for the glasses-free 3D gaming kit, at a wallet-busting…

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BREAKING NEWS: Nintendo 3DS UK launch date officially revealed

Gerald Lynch Features, Gaming, Tech Digest news 6 Comments

Nintendo have confirmed the UK release date of their 3DS handheld games console. The successor to the record-breaking DS will touch down on March 25th 2011, though would not be pinned down on a UK price yet. (UPDATE: Reports…

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David Tennant-autographed Dalek up for grabs on eBay

Katherine Hannaford Gadgets Leave a Comment

It’s not often the opportunity to own a one-off David Tennant autographed Dalek comes up, and it’s even rarer when it’s containing recorded speech from Nick Briggs (who does the Dalek voices in Doctor Who, durr), and it’s even more rare when it’s been featured on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross TV show.

The Dalek’s recorded speech was made especially for the show, and all proceeds go to charedee, specifically…

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