JBL skims Pebbles onto the market – USB speakers with DSP

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JBL has announced the distinctive looking Pebbles, a compact USB powered stereo speaker system for the desktop, with digital signal processing and SlipStreamTechnology. The JBL Pebbles plug-and-play stereo speakers are designed to connect to a computer in the quickest, most efficient…

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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Speakers, Docks and Hi-Fi systems

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Christmas, for me, means just one thing: A Christmas Gift For You from Phil Spector. The wall of sound maestro, for all his horrific lady-killing failings, sure knew how to craft a tight little seasonal ditty. But you know what…

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IFA 2011 VIDEO: JBL OnBeat Xtreme iPad dock preview

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JBL have updated their iPad speaker the system, the OnBeat, with the new OnBeat Xtreme dock. Showcased at IFA 2011, the OnBeat Xtreme lets you dock an iPad in either landscape or portrait angles, and offers crisp, room filling…

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REVIEW: JBL OnBeat iPad / iPod speaker dock

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iPhone/iPod docks are two-a-penny these days, but iPad docks? Even more than a year after the tablet's launch, they're still a relative rarity. JBL's latest speaker dock, the JBL OnBeat, could well be your one-stop-shop dock when it comes to blaring out music from an iOS device, thanks to a dock that supports iPhones, iPods and larger iPad slates. But is it any good? Read on to find out.

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10 great iPhone / iPod dock and speaker systems

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It's party time and you've got an iPod full of tunes but no way of blaring them out to your gang of expectant, drunk friends. The keg's running dry, all the Pringles have been eaten and a riot's about to…

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Review: JBL Creature III 2.1 PC speakers

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You could accuse JBL of slacking of late, having spent the last two years releasing only fairly standard looking speaker set ups. But with the Creature III 2.1 speakers, it seems that period of relative inactivity was spent lovingly honing this rather special audio system.

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