Top Ten Geeky Valentine Presents: For Him

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It's that time of year again, where we all rush off to Clinton's for a naff card, a syrupy teddy and a box of Quality Streets for our loved ones. Yep, Valentine's Day rears its sickly head once again,…

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Metal Gear movie "probably wont happen"

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It seems like a match made in cinema/gaming heaven, but those waiting for a Metal Gear movie better stop holding their breath. According to Hollywood producer Michael De Luca, the project is in no-mans land without any super high-tech…

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Queen's Speech and uninterrupted Casino Royale come to Sky Movies in high definition

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Sky has nabbed two high definition treats for Christmas Day afternoon on Sky Movies 2 HD. First up, and marking the 50th anniversary on television, the Queen's Speech will be broadcast at 3pm. Following that, at 3.10pm, comes uninterrupted James…

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Rentokil's RADAR mousetrap has LASER BEAMS and James Bond SMS alert technology

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The bigwigs at Rentokil no longer have to watch their backs anymore, and can cut back on security guards patrolling their office grounds, watching out for PETA and animal activists, as they’ve developed what they’re calling ‘smartest and most humane mousetrap ever’.

Like something out of James Bond’s Q’s laboratory, the hi-tech Rodent Activated Detention and Riddance Unit (Radar unit, for us civvies), uses infrared beams and carbon dioxide to catch, and then gas the mice dead within 45 seconds. That’s not all though, as when the little critter has floated off to mouse-heaven, a text message is sent…

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