Pirate Bay founders jailed and fined, vow to continue

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It’s taken two months to get here, and now a Swedish court has jailed the four men responsible for The Pirate Bay for one year.

Despite the fact that The Pirate Bay’s servers don’t host any copyright material themselves, merely acting as a gateway for users to torrent material from others’ machines, the court has ruled that they must also pay £2.4m in damages.

A representative of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), John Kennedy, said that, “There has been a perception that piracy is OK and that the music industry should just have to accept it. This verdict will change that.”…

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64 "bloggers" arrested since 2003 – China, Iran and Egypt the worst culprits

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And we think we have it tough. The worst thing that’s ever happened here at Tech Digest HQ is the occasional aggressive email from PR people pointing out the press release said eight megabits not megabytes, plus the odd Viagra spam comment to delete once in a while. We’ve never been banged up for saying iPhone’s better than the N95.

But if you’re blogging in China or Iran, about human rights issues or government corruption, it’s a tougher gig. According to the University of Washington’s latest report on the matter, half of the 64 bloggers…

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'Workout From The Pen: Exercise with Conviction!' exercise video from banged-up beefcake Filipinos

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Yes, I AM indulging my incarcerated-buff-Filipino fetish here, how can you tell?! It’s an addiction, I’ve tried everything to cure myself, but somehow I just can’t stop perving over Filipino meat-machines.

For likewise afflicted persons, you too can indulge your fetish by checking out WORKOUT FROM THE PEN! With the tagline ‘exercising with conviction’, you just know it’s going to be pure class. The exercise video is taught by beef-cake prisoners at the Alhambra Correctional Facility’s Cell Block 5, and also features little extras like their famous ‘Thriller’ dance work-out, which stormed YouTube several weeks back…

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Play The Prison Life: Paris Hilton's prison game

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Paris Hilton – is she in, is she out, are her attempts contrition ‘a cynical ploy’ as Forbes claims? Who cares really, when we’ve got the online flash game I told you about last week just after the jump. Click on the link below to take advantage of your employer’s lax internet usage policies…

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Free Paris Hilton! Or at least play her mobile game

Stuart Dredge Celebrity Gadgets, Gaming, Mobile phones 1 Comment

paris-hilton-mobile-game.gifPoor the Paris Hilton. She’s been ordered back to jail by the nasty judge who sent her there in the first place, without a thought for her wealth health. And in prison, lest we forget, Paris won’t have access to a mobile phone, and she sure as hell won’t be sporting any diamonds. Unless she smuggled some in up her bottom, of course.

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'The Prison Life: Paris' online game parodies Paris Hilton's misfortunes :(

Katherine Hannaford Uncategorized 2 Comments

parisgame.jpg She may’ve escaped jail just yesterday, but an online game has been created by the people behind Kim Jong-Il: Missile Maniac, Rosie Vs. Trump and other relevant-for-15-minute ‘classics’, GSN. Yep, The Prison Life: Paris, has hit teh internets and is proving to be a lot of fun for those sick of the celebutwat, Paris Hilton.

“Paris is in jail and the warden has assigned her to design and build license plates. Help her with her job and watch out for her little dog “Clinkerbell”, the GSN.com website boasts. The wonky-eyed one is decked out in an orange jumpsuit…

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Daily Tech Hotlinks for 05-May-2007: Mobile phones, Pac-Man, Microsoft, 24, Japan

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– Us Brits are a wasteful bunch, with 855,000 mobile phones being dropped into the toilet each year. Yes, our tariff plans really are shit.
– Today in NYC at the Pac-Man World Championships, Microsoft are due to announce something ‘big’ and ‘Pac-Man-related’. Probably a 360 Live remake or something, sigh.
– The average Brit…

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