13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display landing in October?

Gerald Lynch Apple, Computers, Laptops / Notebooks, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

We were all wowed at WWDC by Apple's latest MacBook Pro with Retina Display computer. Powerful, beautiful and jam packed with top-of-the-line specs, it's a laptop worth lusting over. And lusting over it is pretty much all many of us…

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There are new Mac Pros too, lest we forget…

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So, they may not come equipped with a Retina Display, nor will they fit comfortably in a rucksack. Or a small car boot for that matter. But Apple's Mac Pros are still a desktop force to be reckoned with, and…

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MacBook Pro with Retina Display: 5 reasons it really IS Apple' best computer ever

Gerald Lynch Apple, Computers, Laptops / Notebooks, Round ups, Tech Digest news 9 Comments

Apple are calling it "the most beautiful computer we've ever made", and "a whole new vision for the notebook." And for once, it's hard to argue with Apple's PR bluster; the new, next generation MacBook Pro with Retina Display is…

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Apple MacBook Air gets 2012 update: 512GB of Flash storage now available

Gerald Lynch Apple, Laptops / Notebooks, Tech Digest news 5 Comments

While all eyes will undoubtedly be on Apple's next-generation MacBook Pro as the computing weapon of choice for Apple fanboys for at least the next couple of months, there were also updates to the MacBook Air line too. Both 11…

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Next generation MacBook Pro revealed at WWDC 2012: Retina Display, super-thin chassis

Gerald Lynch Apple, Features, Laptops / Notebooks, Tech Digest news 11 Comments

After a long old wait, Apple have finally revealed the next-generation of their MacBook Pro line. And for once, the Cupertino company seem to have made good on every rumour that's made the rounds on the web these past…

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WWDC 2010: iWork suite of apps headed to iPhone 4?

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A hastily pulled screenshot on Apple's iPhone 4 webpage seems to reveal that the iWork suite of productivity apps may be heading to the Cupertino king's latest smartphone. Originally shown on the iPhone 4's "Features" page, the screen shot showed…

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Apple UK store down, UK iPad pricing / network details imminent?

Gerald Lynch Apple, Features, iPad, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

Take a quick look over at the UK Apple store and you'll see that it's down for maintenance. There's a short message: "We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly". Could some new UK iPad…

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Apple to lower iPad price to "remain nimble"?

Gerald Lynch Apple, iPad, Tablet, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

One of the most welcome surprises from the Apple iPad launch was its pricing. Where rumours had circulated that the iPad could cost upwards of $1,000, it was a relief when Jobs announced that an entry-level model would cost just…

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Knockoff of iWork '09 contains Mac-unfriendly Trojan Horse

Andy Merrett Software Leave a Comment


There’s a new Trojan Horse for Mac in town and it’s riding around in pirate copies of iWork ’09.

OSX.Trojan.iServices.A secretes itself in otherwise fully-functioning copies of Apple’s latest office software. It installs itself in a startup directory and gives itself full root privileges (in other words, it’s God to your Mac).

Security firm Intego is warning anyone who has downloaded installer software from filesharing/Torrent sites that they could now be infected. Intego’s latest updates for VirusBarrier X4 and X5 will now protect against and disinfect the virus…

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Apple launches iWork 08: updated productivity tools

Andy Merrett Software Leave a Comment

apple_iwork_08.pngThey’ve been a long time coming, and talked/rumoured about, and at last Apple has updated its iWork and iLife applications, bringing up to ’08.

iWork 08 not only enhances the Pages and Keynote applications, but includes the new “Numbers” spreadsheet application that many believed Apple would, and needed to, introduce if they stood any chance of competing against Microsoft.

Interestingly, Apple has gone for a new approach to spreadsheets with the Numbers application. Instead of copying Excel, as so many others have, their approach allows people to organise and interlink information on different sheets on a flexible graphical canvas. This should make it easier to build relationships between the intelligent tables, each of which is a spreadsheet in its own right, as well as printing them.

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