O2 and Vodafone iPad data plans revealed

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Although O2 and Vodafone are yet to announce their iPad data plan packages for themselves, those pre-ordering Apple's tablet today have been given the full run-down on what to expect from both carrier's tariffs. Vodafone offer two simple monthly plans….

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5 things iTunes must do to stay ahead of Spotify

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Since it launched nearly a decade ago, Apple's iTunes has become almost synonymous with digital music. A beautiful and intuitive user-interface coupled with the most thorough library of legal MP3 downloads available, it was the perfect accompaniment to the iPod…

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Can you name a digital music download service? 4 out of 10 Brits cant

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A new survey conducted by Consumer Focus has revealed that four in ten people are unable to name a single legal online music service. Despite their being over 20 on the market, of the few music fans aware of such…

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Official – Apple confirms iPad to launch in the UK in April

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Apple have just announced that the iPad will be hitting UK shores in late April. The news means that the iPad will miss its initial late-March launch date. Both Wi-Fi and 3G models will be available at this slightly delayed…

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iTunes 7.7 now available: iPhone App Store live

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With New Zealand’s iPhone launch less than an hour away, it’s no surprise that Apple has finally released iTunes 7.7, a required piece of software for activating the iPhone and accessing the applications store.

It’s a 48MB download, but given that you need a broadband connection to use the iPhone anyway, it should only take you five minutes or so to install (unless Apple’s web servers start crawling, which is a possibility)…

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Movie downloads at UK iTunes store from today – films released same day as on DVD

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Apple has announced that movies from major film studios will be available for purchase and rental, as of today, from the iTunes store on the same day as their DVD release.

Seven hundred titles from 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Studios…

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iTunes Store coming to Russia, 21.04.08 – iPhone coming iSoon, iThink

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iskoro 200 pix.jpg

iSkoro 21.04.08. If you happen to speak Russian, you may be experiencing some excitement right now. If you don’t, what that means is “iSoon 21.04.08″. Still clear as mud? Well, allow me to explain.

This is the message that’s been appearing on the billboards of the streets of Moscow in the same style as the writing used for the iPhone campaign elsewhere. Now, as yet, the Russian populous has not had the pleasure of the new toy from Jobs Towers and there has been some feverish speculation that the moment is soon to come.

However, according to new sightings, this doesn’t seem to be the case but it could be a significant step in that direction because “iSkoro 21.04.08″ seems to refer to the launch of the Russian branch of the iTunes Store…

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