The internet is saved! Ofcom calling for investment in nationwide fibre optic network

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Telecoms regulator, Ofcom, is making a fresh push to secure the future of the UK’s broadband infrastructure. Chief Exec, Ed Richards, told the Intellect conference in London “Ofcom favours a regulatory environment for the next generation of networks and access that both allows and encourages operators to make risky investments, to innovate for the benefit of consumers and, if the risks pay off, for the benefit of their shareholders too.”

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Virgin Media sends written wrist-slap to 800 file-sharers

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Around 800 Virgin Media broadband customers have been sent letters informing them that they have been identified as file-sharers and politely telling them to cease downloading copyright protected content, specifically music. They are also warned that if they don’t stop, “further steps” will be taken against them.

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ISPs really not happy about iPlayer, Tiscali wants BBC to foot the service bill!

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There’s trouble a-brewing between Auntie and the UKs Internet Service Providers over the recently launched video-on-demand iPlayer service.

iPlayer lets users stream or download recent BBC TV shows as a kind of ‘catch-up’ service. In its first month, the Beeb reports that over 1 million viewers downloaded some 3.5 million program. As you can imagine, this caused a bit of strain on the networks…

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Opinion: Government paedophile plans are a confusing web of ideas

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Jonathan Weinberg writes…

OK, so let’s do a straw poll. What do you think would stop a sex offender abusing children? I know this is not a comfortable topic but it is an extremely important one in tech and Internet terms. Stiffer sentences maybe? The threat of castration? A life term in jail? Perhaps even death by lethal injection?

We’ve all had those “If I were Home Secretary” moments and this is one of them because the plans today released by the UK’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith seem the worst kind of limp proposals for such a serious matter…

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Australia remembers British convictism, asks for help dealing with filesharers

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Australia has found inspiration in their rich history, where Britain sent convicts over to the Southern land in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and asked the motherland just what to do with those naughty filesharers.

Yes, even people in Australia are downloading music and movies illegally, and they want to take action against these ‘criminals’ and force ISPs to abandon their customers who’re found downloading copyrighted material. Last year 2.8 million Australians downloaded…

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