Seadragon free on iPhone – Microsoft releases first application for an Apple

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Microsoft has launched its first application for the iPhone and just in case that isn’t enough of a shocker for you – it’s free.

Seadragon technology is something we’ve seen before when it was announced along with Photosynth a few years back and its smooth scanning around libraries of thousands of documents and images seems pretty damn perfect for the iPhone 3G…

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Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you expensive iPhone apps

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Picture the scene: you’re well off, have a lot of money, a fancy car and you’ll even admit in public to voting for the Conservative Party. But something’s missing… what else can you do to boast about your decadent lifestyle and make the poor hate you even more?

You could try and get a posh mobile phone… but then, the fanciest phone on the market is the iPhone, and even paupers can afford one of those these days. You need something else to really set yourself apart from the riff-raff.

There’s a new application available for the iPhone called “I am Rich”. It’ll set you back $1000 and it does… absolutely nothing…

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