BIC lighter iPhone app to light up stadium power ballads worldwide

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BIC's new My BIC Lighter app lets you pledge your devotion to the altar of rock without breaking any fire-saftey regulations. As the first few chords of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" chime in, you can fire up the app…

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Wolfram Alpha develops pricey new iPhone app

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The developers say that the new app is a lot more powerful than the website and is a load more easy to use too. It also has some innovative features like a joint QWERTY/numeric keypad, which bearing in mind that a lot of WA queries involve both numbers and words, makes perfect sense. Other facilities include the ability to optimise the app to suit your location, the option of bookmarking queries and easier emailing or sharing of queries.

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More celeb iPhone apps – now it is Jamie Oliver's turn

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It is quite a sober and sensible idea in that for £4.99 (bit pricey Jamie) you get access to a load of recipes (with accompanying imatges and video) which apparently only take 20 minutes to rustle up. The fun bit is that if you can't be bothered to decide what to cook you simply shake your iPhone or iPod touch to generate a random recipe.

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FourSquare iPhone app arrives in London

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Well, Foursquare lets you see little comments and tips that people have left pegged to locations in London. You too can leave these tips reader, call them geo-tagged tweets if you will. Like some kind of game, you get rewarded for leaving more tips by being given badges. You set up a minimal profile, and add friends and can also contact your friends over the service.

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Noel Edmonds iPhone app

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For me Noel Edmonds lost the plot sometime after the Multi-Coloured Swap Shop ended (not that I’m suggesting for one minute he is mad of course, I know how litigious he can be). So to hear that he’s launched an iPhone app for his belief in the crazy-sounding philosophy of Cosmic Ordering is no real surprise.

Perhaps more of a surprise though is that he thinks people will pay £1.20 for it. I guess these are probably the same people who check their star signs in the newspapers and really think that one twelfth of the population will act. Apparently, according to today’s Metro, Edmonds used to keep a record of his cosmic orders on ‘small scraps of paper – not the ideal way to keep a record of such an important part of one’s life.

Apparently the 60 year old has attributed the revitalisation of his career to his new mindset which encourages people to think positively about the goals in life. “The cosmos exists solely to help those who want to help themselves. It is an incredibly powerful force and a wonderful friend,” he said.

To find out more about Cosmic Ordering click here.

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Flickr available as iPhone app

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Yahoo! has announced Flickr as a mobile application for the iPhone. Though you can already access it via the iPhone’s browser, the bespoke iPhone app offers much better functionality – plus it’s free. The Flickr iPhone app offers a slideshow of pics, an easy upload button on the home page and straightforward search.

The end result is that getting hold of others’ snaps and sharing your own is much easier than before. Shame though that the iPhone’s camera is still behind some of its competitors. Apple iPhone users can download the app through the iTunes App store. Flickr also has a mobile Web site at Further Information:

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Tube Exits app – saving you valuable time

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Ever find yourself running late for an important meeting and being further delayed by having to queue for that pesky exit at the tube station? No, well me neither – I’m not important enough to get invited to meetings you see – but one day I might be.

And when I am, I’ll use the Tube Exits iPhone app in order to beat the crowds. Available in the App Store, obviously, at an introductory price of £1.79 – which will rise to £2.99 eventually, so get in quick – the app promises to help commuters save valuable time by telling them exactly what carriage they should board in order to be expertly lined up for the exit at their destination or interchange.

Creator Lance Stewart came up with the idea after he himself was late for a meeting because of congestion at a tube station exit. He quit his job – which does seem a little bit extreme – and spent his time travelling around the London Underground network, visiting all 268 stations and working out all of the carriage to exit combinations.

The resulting app works below ground, as no internet connection is needed, and even allows the user to save their favourite journeys. This feature does seem a tad pointless to me though – surely commuters know where to get on the train for their most frequent journeys?

I’m not sure whether Tube Exits would be classed as an awesome app or merely a cr-app in our recent feature, but I reckon, sadly, it may be closer to the latter.

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$200 "I am richer" application turns up in Android Marketplace

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No sooner has the Android Marketplace opened up its pitches to paid for applications and there’s already a $200 one calling itself “I am richer”.

The app is identical to the infamous “I am rich” incarnation as banned from the iPhone app store after being bought by a handful of disgruntled consumers. The only difference this time around…

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