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Celebrities paid to promote new HTC One M8 “Champions League” model both prefer iPhones instead

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On Sunday HTC is expected to finally reveal the HTC One M9 to the world - so it is curious that today the company has announced a special "Champions League" edition of last year's phone: The HTC One M8. The early announcement is some canny PR - if the company kept it secret until Sunday,…

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Processors for the iPhone 7 expected to be made by… Umm… Samsung

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The next version of Apple's iPhone - which we expect to be called either the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S - will apparently have its innards manufactured by arch-rivals Samsung. The news comes via MK Business News, which explains that the A9 processor will be made by the Korean firm instead of Taiwan's TMSC, which…

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PICTURES: Hong Kong customs finds man with 94 iPhones strapped to his body

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It's like he's more phone than man. Hong Kong's customers officers found the chap above, trying to smuggle *NINETY FOUR* iPhones on his person. I bet he wasn't pleased when Apple announced the iPhone 6 Plus. The story comes from Sina News, and according to the ropey Google translation, which you can see below -…

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