The iPad as a Point of Sale Terminal

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It sound an implausible design: putting up a consumer-level tablet as a replacement for specially designed hardware and software. When you think about it, though, it makes a lot of sense. Suppliers such as Shopify make it simple to source hardware solutions to use with this particular point of sale solution. As retail businesses, having…

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The Skep-Tech: Why Apple WON’T make iPads that run Mac OS, and why it would be INSANE to do so

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I've been holding off talking about this, because it sounds insane - but the din in the tech scene won't go away because it is largely a massive echo-chamber. Everyone is reporting 'rumours' that Apple is planning an iPad (possibly a 12" iPad) that runs Mac OS. Now, perhaps I'll look back on this post…

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Tom Hanks’ free iPad typewriter app hits no.1 on App Store

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Remember that classic scene in the film Big — the film that really launched Tom Hanks' big-screen career — in which he plays Chopsticks by dancing on the giant piano keys? Well, now keys of another kind have also proved a big success for the Oscar-winning actor. His manual typewriter simulator app for the iPad — called…

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Perhaps this is why they make you switch your devices off when going on a plane?

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Terrifying news from the New York Post, where it has emerged that a passenger plane dropped 5000 feet without anyone realising - because the pilot was distracted by her iPad. The Boeing 777 flight, which was flying from Mumbai to Brussels apparently dropped from the 34,000ft it had been assigned. Luckily air traffic control spotted…

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