BlackBerry 10 can't stop Windows Phone overtaking as third-most used smartphone OS, Android still king

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There's no shaking Google's Android and Apple's iOS from first and second place respectively at the top of the smartphone user number rankings charts, but the battle for third place is a corker. The latest stats have just come in…

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Star Command iOS release date set for May 2: Long wait for Kickstarter project comes to a close

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Star Command, the long-awaited space ship strategy sim, will hit Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on May 2. Sitting somewhere between an 8-bit Star Trek and Theme Hospital, the game lets you build your own starship, enlist its crew…

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Apple releases iOS 6.1: iPhones and iPads get improved LTE support

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Apple have updated their mobile iOS software for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to version 6.1, bringing a few slight improvements to the finger-friendly operating system. iOS 6.1's headlining feature is its improved LTE capabilities, adding 36 additional iPhone carriers…

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