Not impressed with the iPhone 4S? Here's ten alternatives

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So, we've got the iPhone 4S. So what, right? Right; it may well be the best iPhone ever made, but it's still nowhere near the dream phone we'd imagined the notably-absent iPhone 5 to be. So, for a change, maybe…

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Samsung want the iPhone 4S banned

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It's barely a glint in the eye of Old Mother Apple, but Samsung are already making moves to have the newly-revealed iPhone 4S banned. The ongoing patent dispute between the two parties will now see Samsung attempt to have…

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UK pricing for iPhone 4S revealed

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We've brought you the specs, we've brought you the pictures, we've brought you the US pricing, now we're bringing you the UK price run-down for the newly announced Appl iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S prices begin at £499 without a…

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Infinity Blade 2 app revealed at iPhone 4S launch

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Epic Games subsidiary Chair took the iPhone 4S launch as a chance to launch a blockbuster of their own; Infinity Blade 2, the sequel to their mega-popular iOS hack and slash title. Set to launch on December 1st, the…

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