Try on Iron Man's helmet with new augmented reality app

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Iron Man 2 hits UK cinemas on April 30th, and fans looking for a sneak peek should check out the viral site for some nifty teasers and high-tech concepts. Playboy inventor Tony Stark's gadgets are a tech-head's dream….

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Texting on the Tube made possible? Teenage inventor builds low-frequency radio for underground communications

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We've all been there; on the phone, on the verge of breaking the meaning of life during the daily commute when your train hits a tunnel and your signal cuts out. We can send a man to the moon, but…

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Gordon Brown tries his utmost to convince us iPod is British invention

Andy Merrett iPod 2 Comments


Perhaps the Prime Minister thought he’d get away with massaging facts about the iPod during an interview on daytime TV, but a Register reporter (who obviously has more time to watch This Morning than I) has picked up on his faux pas.

Brown confidently proclaimed to viewers that the iPod was a British invention. “If you’ve got really innovative things, people will come to your country to locate,” he continued…

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Work those leg muscles with a bicycle/lawnmower combo

Katherine Hannaford Home Appliances, Transport Leave a Comment

Wow, I’m really unearthing the crazy inventions this morning, what with the previous story on the flying car, and now these bicycle/lawnmower hybrids. Unlike the PAL-V car however, I can really see the use for one of these bikes.

Not that I’ve ever mowed the lawn of course, I was much too lazy when I lived at home, preferring instead to be inside with the curtains drawn, playing Tony Hawk for hours on end, but I remember my Mum coming in after several hours’ lawnmowing…

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