Is Microsoft working on an entirely new web browser, codename “Spartan”?

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Microsoft is working on an entirely new web browser, which will be more light-weight, support extensions and feel similar to Chrome or Firefox, apparently. According to ZDNet, the development of the browser - codenamed "Spartan" - is completely separate to the teams currently working on future versions of Internet Explorer. Windows 10 on desktop is…

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XXXbox 360: Hardcore porn to hit Microsoft console with Internet Explorer update

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Internet, Tech Digest news 12 Comments

Hardcore porn will be coming to the Xbox 360 through the…ahem…backdoor of a forthcoming update to the platform. The addition of the Internet Explorer browser to Microsoft's home gaming console will give access to adult content through the machine, something…

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Monocle brings a silky e-reader experience to your browser or smartphone for free

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Inventive Labs have just announced the launch of Monocle, a free browser-based e-reader that's just as impressive on a mobile browser as it is a desktop PC. Open-sourced under the MIT licence, anyone with some basic HTML knowledge and access…

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