Half of the world will be online by 2017

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Our connected world is becoming ever more connected, according to the latest State of Broadband report. The report's 2014 edition estimates that more than half of the global population will have internet access within three years' time. The report also says that mobile broadband via smartphones and tablets is now the fastest growing technology in…

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Ad-blocking software is ‘the Napster of the advertising industry’

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Blocking adverts on the internet is the equivalent of theft, according to the chief executive of PageFair. Sean Blanchfield, who is also the founder of the anti-adblocking company, described adblockers as “like the Napster of the advertising industry”. “[Adblocking] is really concentrated on exactly the kind of people that advertisers are targeting - millennials," he…

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Dating site OkCupid also experiments on its users

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To paraphrase the Smashing Pumpkins, despite all our rage we are still just rats in a cage... In June, Facebook disclosed that it had tested to see if emotions were contagious, deliberately manipulating the emotional content of the news feeds for 700,000 people. Now it seems that Facebook is not the only website that conducts…

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Britons don’t want web filters, says Ofcom

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UK web users must really like their porn. Either that, or they just don't like the government telling them what they can and cannot look at online. A new report from Ofcom shows that broadband customers in the UK are overwhelmingly choosing not to use parental-control systems foisted on ISPs by the government - with…

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