India blocks 32 popular websites – including Vimeo, Daily Motion and GitHub

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Worrying news from India today as it has emerged that the government there has ordered Internet Service Providers to block 32 major websites - ostensibly because of the threat from ISIS (or ISIL, or Islamic State). Insane! Govt orders blocking of 32 websites including @internetarchive @vimeo @github @pastebin #censorship #FoEx— Pranesh Prakash (@pranesh_prakash) December…

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Internet as human right and the evolution of technology

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The internet should be seen as a basic human right, according to to Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the World Wide Web. Speaking at the 20th International World Wide Web Conference in India, Berners-Lee emphasised the importance of…

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Secureworks "World Cup of cyber security" finds India the safest nation

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SecureWorks, the information security service provider, have revealed their findings for what they have dubbed the "World Cup" of cyber security. Mining information on their 2,800 clients, they've compiled a list of which countries are most vulnerable to online attacks….

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India baffles the tech world with its promise of the £7 wi-fi laptop – to be unveiled tomorrow

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Come off it, India. Get real. Seven quid for a laptop? And not only that, but seven quid for a laptop with 2GB of RAM and wi-fi?

But that, apparently, is what Indian technicians will be unveiling later this week, with the country’s top scientists managing to build a low-power (two Watts when charging, ideal for solar power), low-cost (£14 initially, dropping to £7 a unit once manufacturing costs come down) machine to get the nation’s poverty-stricken rural school population online.

Facebook will welcome the news, plus we could all soon be flying to Delhi to pick up a netbook once we’re back from New York with a TV

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INTERNET DOWN! INTERNET DOWN! Boredom reaches CRISIS LEVEL in India and Middle East as cable damage downs 70% of web

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middle-east-web-outage-disaster.jpgFollowing damage to an undersea cable, large chunks of India and the Middle East were left without internet access yesterday.

Imagine that happening here. Just imagine. Now stop imagining it, or you’ll end up having nightmares about being forced to start spending the evenings watching TV and talking to your partner again.

The cabling concerned is officially called SEA-ME-WE 4, which is a 17,400 mile long fibre-optic…

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