Microsoft unveil Windows Live Messenger Wave 4

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Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has lifted the lid on the latest version of Windows Live Messenger, dubbed "Wave 4". Better video chat, photo sharing, social network and cloud integration are top of the agenda in this latest revamp, Ballmer told…

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Skype 4.1 beta brings screen sharing to your chats

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At last, Skype has come up with a new version of their VoIP software that I actually want to download for reasons beyond the fact that it happens to be the latest. The Skype 4.1 beta sees the addition of screen sharing across Windows, Mac and Linux plus other trinkets like birthday reminders and a more in-depth contacts search.

Naturally, none of this costs any extra and, in case you’re worried about the privacy issue, it’s totally up to you whether you share the whole screen or just a part of it.

The birthday reminder is pretty self-explanatory – although interesting it does leave me wondering what kind of plans Skype’s cooking up for social network world domination – and the world’s favourite desktop VoIP app will now rootle through your Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL and LinkedIn profiles to find more contacts for you.

I’m downloading mine the minute I publish this. I suggest you do yours. Enjoy, and let me know what you make of it on the comments down there.

Skype 4.1 beta

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3 offers free Skype voice calls on their network

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In a world’s first, 3 is offering all those with Skype enabled phones free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM from 1st May. Whether you’re pay-as-you-go or contract you will not have to pick up a penny of the cost for your Skype data so long as you have a 3 Skype-enabled handset and you are calling within the network. In theory, all you’ll have to do is buy a 3 SIM, stick it in a Skype-enabled phone and away you go.

What’s more, for the summer, 3 is extending the deal such that anyone on an unlocked 3G handset will be able to take advantage of the offer whether or not they’re on 3’s network.

The deal looks like a fantastic way for the youngest of the networks to grab a whole load of customers and pick up the money from the non-Skype calls at the same time. It’s an excellent move and really good offer. Time to fork out the £1.99 for a 3 SIM.

3 Skype Offer

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Nimbuzz mobile IM/VoIP client makes it to the iPhone

Andy Merrett Mobile phones, VoiP 1 Comment


Good news for iPhone users who have been waiting to use the Nimbuzz mobile instant messaging and VoIP client — it’s finally available to download for free.

It offers free voice calling over a Wi-Fi connection to users on Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk, among others, as well as instant messaging to a whole host of other services…

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Legitimate version of fring comes to iPhone and iPod Touch

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fring, the VoIP and instant messaging aggregator software, has now received approval from Apple and is available to download from the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A previous beta version, which required a jailbroken iPhone to work, proved extremely popular. Now anyone can get hold of the app that allows them to instant message their contacts on Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM, as well as make cheap calls via a Wi-Fi connection.

Finally, it’s possible to keep in contact with everyone when away from the desktop environment, and all from the single application…

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Google Talk on iPhone: nice idea, but constantly resets itself

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Google Talk has been made available as a web application for the iPhone, which sounds great if you want an instant messenger client, but in reality doesn’t work particularly well because of the iPhone’s current limitations.

Because it runs in the Safari web browser rather than being a standalone application (they come next week), whenever the user switches to another application, such as Mail or Weather, Google Talk sets the user’s status to “Unavailable” and the session is reset the next time it’s accessed…

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Shiny Video Preview: BT's Go!Messenger for the Sony PSP

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This morning I had the opportunity to go up the BT Tower to look at a new service available from Friday for the Sony PSP – Go!Messenger.

Made in collaboration with BT and Sony, the free service offers video and voice calls, plus IM to PSP users worldwide. The video above explains the service in more detail, and also shows you just how easy it is to use. Enjoy the first few seconds of the beautiful London views, too….

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Microsoft partners with Bebo to provide on-site MSN chat

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bebomicro.jpg Microsoft are carpet-bombing every online service these days, with their latest target being the social networking site for young whippersnappers, Bebo.

Bebo plan on integrating the big ‘Soft’s IM service into the site, so users can message one another ‘live’ about their huge amount of homework and ‘omg my parents are teh ghey’ etc. This Autumn, Windows Live Messenger statuses…

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