Meet Simon: the world’s first ‘smartphone’ turns 20

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OK, so the term 'smartphone' wasn't actually around when IBM released the Simon in August of 1994, but it was easily the smartest mobile phone of its day. The Simon Personal Communicator was was a handheld, touchscreen mobile phone, designed and engineered by IBM and the American cellular company Belself. It was the first gadget…

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Apple gets down to business and partners with IBM for boring corporate apps

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So what's the news? Apple has announced a new partnership with the company that perhaps best defines big-business, corporate, suit wearing, pie-chart mediocrity, IBM. According to the press release the deal will bring "a new class of more than 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions including native apps, developed exclusively from the ground up, for iPhone and…

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USA orders Sequoia – "the fastest supercomputer in the world"

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Not content with owning the fastest computer in the world, the USA wants to keep its title, so it’s ordered one fifteen times faster. The current fastest, IBM’s Roadrunner, is designed for 1.7 Petaflops, whereas the new one should be able to crank out 20 – that’s 20,000 trillion floating point operations per second. Impressive.

It’ll be packing 1.6 million processor cores, putting my quad-core to shame, and will be based on IBM’s Blue Gene/Q supercomputer. What are they going to use it for? Managing their nuclear weapons stockpile. Yes, they’ve still got that many. It’ll occupy 96 server racks over an area the size of a tennis court, and use 6 megawatts of power.

While they’re building it, they’re building a smaller supercomputer to build the applications that’ll run on the big one. “Dawn” will run at 500 teraflops. The only thing unspecified? How much the whole project’s going to cost. I suspect it won’t be cheap.

(via PC World)

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IBM adds advert serving to DVD spec – film watching is DEAD as a hobby

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cillitbang-dvd-ad-ibm.jpgIn a move that sounds like they’re trying to kill off DVD on purpose and force everyone to turn to one of those boring new HD formats, IBM has patented an advert delivery system that can pause DVDs so you have the pleasure of watching an advert.

It’s like they’ve examined the strengths of the DVD format, then created a feature designed specifically to destroy it…

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VWFE: IBM on why virtual worlds need to be interoperable

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paul-ledak.jpg up at the Virtual Worlds Forum Europe is Paul Ledak, who’s one of IBM’s virtual world gurus. He’s explaining the important (if you’re in the virtual worlds business) of interoperability.

He’s kicking off with a personal example: creating a house in a virtual world, with an eye to building it in real life (I think). So, you start with a 2D floorplan design, and have to turn that into a 3D form – maybe via an architect who visualises it for you, in partnership with an interior designer. “At the end of the day, there are many different people involved in putting this together.”

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Today on Tech Digest: Babelgum IPTV, Pay-as-you-go Nokia N95, £149 iPod suit from M&S, and more…

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Babelgum IPTV service now open for business – first impressions
Virgin Mobile offers Nokia N95 on PAYG – for a price
Marks & Spencer unveils £149 iPod suit

LG unveils super-slim X820 PC
Father’s Day Gadget Gifts: Gaming
Motorola launches Motocast – feed-like content direct to your mobile screen
CB2: the child-robots are coming!
Samsung SPH-W2400: a rotating HSDPA mobile phone
Hate digital music DRM? Buy the t-shirts!
The Trojan virus that pretends to be a YouTube video
Brits can’t live without their broadband
Samsin SBS-6600 wireless rechargeable Bluetooth speakers
50 Cent sets up shop in virtual world Zwinktopia
Make your website work well on the Wii
Digital Cube’s female-focused M43 iStation personal media player
Alcatel launches its first music clamshell handset – the OT-C701
Turn your phone into a 70s crime scene with Kojak Detective Puzzles
IBM releasing disease prediction software

Colonic irrigation made easy with the self-guiding colonoscope

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