Slim £99 camcorder from I Want One of Those

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From I Want One of Those comes this slim camcorder. Costing just £99, it incorporates 8 x digital zoom as well as stabilisation and motion detection features.

Alternatively if you don’t want to shoot video you can store images or even music on the 64Mb internal memory (with the option of inserting an SD memory card for extra storage). You can connect the camera via USB to transfer pictures/video to your PC and also use the USB port to charge the device.

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Mini Digital TV from IWOOT for under £100

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New from I Want One of Those is a Digital TV and Multimedia Player for under £100.

OK it’s only got a teeny, tiny 3.5inch screen but for use out and about this seems great – no idea what picture quality is like yet. Thanks to a digital tuner you can watch all the Freeview channels, though you will need to hook the device to your TV aerial first to download all the available channels.

Using the SD card the gadget also doubles as a video or digital audio (MP3 player)

I Want One of Those

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IWOOT's Dynamo keyboard powers your PC the harder you type, with kinetic energy

Katherine Hannaford Computers, Keyboards 4 Comments


I Want One Of Those doesn’t just offer robots and r/c lederhosen toys, you know! Their latest product to hit the virtual shelves should please our Hippyshopper editor, as it’s the most eco-friendly keyboard around. You can tell by the soft green glow, innit.

When typing on the Dynamo keyboard from IWOOT, the kinetic energy produced from your usage is transferred to your PC, and stored as electricity which, in true eco-friendly form, powers the whole unit. You don’t even have to plug your PC into a socket! It’s the ultimate way of using your desktop wirelessly, where you can the maximum performance of your hulking beast, but used just like a laptop….

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Top 5 choc-tastic and egg-citing Easter gadgets

Jonathan Weinberg Gadgets, Top Fives 1 Comment

IT'S Easter this weekend – so what better way to celebrate than with CHOCOLATE! Yes, it's the one time of the year we can all over-indulge without being accused of pigging out, well, assuming you don't go overboard and raid Woolworths on Monday for all those bargain-basement eggs that didn't sell in time for Easter Sunday.

Not that I've ever done that you understand (but you can get some egg-cedingly cheap deals). Oh no, the puns and jokes have started. Anyway, to help you get in the mood, here's our Tech Digest Top 5 Easter-related gadgets to get you really egg-cited. Sorry…

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Colour your faucets crazy with the IWOOT glow flow tap

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There’s a strange obsession here at Tech Digest, for taps with coloured LED lights. Yes, I don’t understand it either, but at least the diehard faucet fanboys can now rejoice that the UK market has not been left out of the lucrative affordable-coloured-taps world.

The above contraption turns your stream of water into a coloured ‘waterfall’ according to retailer I Want One Of Those, and due to the inbuilt temperature sensor, it changes between red and blue depending on whether your kids are wasting hot or cold water that hour.

At £14.99, you could afford…

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Pop on some Kraftwerk, and check out these yodelling lederhosen r/c toys from IWOOT

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We’ve been wanting a pair of mechanical trousers ever since we saw the Wallace and Gromit film, The Wrong Trousers. Now, these r/c lederhosen from IWOOT may not be able to transport evil penguins, but really, why’d you want to meet an evil penguin anyway?

They hop, yodel, and even the…

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Save your old 35mm film negatives with IWOOT's digital film scanner

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It’s a sad state of affairs when you open all your office draws, looking for a USB stick, and all you can find are old film negative cannisters. Anyone born before 1990 is guilty of this (and a whole lot more), I’m sure.

I Want One Of Those has just added a new wondrous gadget to their virtual shelves, the digital film scanner. Convert those old 35mm negatives and mounted slides into…

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