Samsung's new F330 musical slider web phone

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samsung-F330.jpgIt’s a rather nice slidy one with HSDPA and a web browser for updating your tech blog from the safety of bed, with a 2megapixel camera and an easily large enough 2.1″ QVGA screen.

She (all mobiles are ladies) can take microSD cards to boost her ludicrously puny 24MB of built-in memory, and you’re able to fill her right up with MP3, AAC, AAC+ eAAC+ (hasn’t AAC been busy recently?) and WMA…

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Samsung's triplet of music mobile phones are pretty impressive

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What is this, mobile phone week or something!? It’s Samsung’s turn to roll out the impressive models, this time we’re treated to three music phones from the Korean company.

Gary told you yesterday about the F330, which combines HSDPA smarts, 2-megapixels in the camera, full internet browser and a music library capable of giving you up to 20 hours’ of playback time, all for 260€. If that doesn’t grab you, how about…

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HTC S730: mobile for text and email-heavy users whilst on the go

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alt="HTC-S730.jpg" src="" width="195" height="264" />
The third mobile launched today by HTC is a follow-up to the successful S710 from a few months back, which allows for smart usage whilst on the run.

Microsoft Office Mobile applications such as Word are complimented well by the slide-out qwerty keyboard, and push-email means you’ll never need another excuse for not replying to that all-important email. Or, err, confirming a Facebook friend request.

HTC have rebranded the homepage as Home, and updated it, so it resembles the HTC Touch easy-to-use…

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LG 'Viewty' U990 confirmed as the Prada-less mobile with extra-spiffy specs

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I’m quickly becoming obsessed with LG’s as-yet unreleased U990 mobile, with it having the aesthetics of the LG Prada, minus the Prada branding, and compensating by packing a huge amount of extra features for us less fashionable sorts who shop at Primark.

Susi got her hands on one last week, and even did a quick video review, with thanks to the network 3 (who’ll be selling the phone later this year), but we haven’t seen any proper photos of it yet – until now. It’s just been officially confirmed, and will be flying storewide by Autumn this year. Which, err, judging by the weather, should’ve been about three months ago…

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Today on Tech Digest: Babelgum IPTV, Pay-as-you-go Nokia N95, £149 iPod suit from M&S, and more…

Stuart Dredge Today on Tech Digest Leave a Comment

Babelgum IPTV service now open for business – first impressions
Virgin Mobile offers Nokia N95 on PAYG – for a price
Marks & Spencer unveils £149 iPod suit

LG unveils super-slim X820 PC
Father’s Day Gadget Gifts: Gaming
Motorola launches Motocast – feed-like content direct to your mobile screen
CB2: the child-robots are coming!
Samsung SPH-W2400: a rotating HSDPA mobile phone
Hate digital music DRM? Buy the t-shirts!
The Trojan virus that pretends to be a YouTube video
Brits can’t live without their broadband
Samsin SBS-6600 wireless rechargeable Bluetooth speakers
50 Cent sets up shop in virtual world Zwinktopia
Make your website work well on the Wii
Digital Cube’s female-focused M43 iStation personal media player
Alcatel launches its first music clamshell handset – the OT-C701
Turn your phone into a 70s crime scene with Kojak Detective Puzzles
IBM releasing disease prediction software

Colonic irrigation made easy with the self-guiding colonoscope

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