WordPress servers crash, 10.2 million blogs affected

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WordPress, a massively popular blogging and hosting platform suffered severe problems yesterday, causing some 10.2 million blogs to go offline for almost two hours. It has been estimated that 5.5 million page views were wiped, the worst outage WordPress has…

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The Pirate Bay's new owners plan to pay users to host content

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In an effort to legitimise the Pirate Bay its new owner, Global Gaming Factory, plans to pay users to host content as part of mass peer-to-peer network.

“We’re a publicly listed company, so whatever we take over has to be legal,” said CEO of GGF, Hans Pandeya. “To be legal, you have to have content providers who are paid. That’s what we want.”

The new system could also see data transmitted for ISPs who are having trouble with the ever increasing traffic of the internet.

It was only yesterday it was announced that the Pirate Bay was being taken over. There has been widespread concern on the web that the takeover was the beginning of the end for the Pirate Bay. Today’s announcement will only fuel that concern. If GGF plan to pay hosts then it might not be long until they begin to charge for content as well.

(via gamesindustry.biz)

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How to: choose the perfect blogging software

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Are you feeling the need to start a blog?

Perhaps you’ve already got an account on Blogger, WordPress.com or LiveJournal but you’re ready to host your own blog.

This Tech Digest how-to guide will help you to decide which of the many pieces of blog software and hosting options is right for you.

I’ll look at:

  1. the pros and cons of the different types of blog hosting available;
  2. the benefits of having your own domain name;
  3. a quick way to narrow down the choice of which blogging software to use;
  4. an overview of the main types of blogging software;
  5. some things to look out for when it comes to choosing a web host for your blog

Head over the jump to start…

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