iPhone 4 release date: 24th June in the UK and USA!

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Apple have officially revealed their latest smartphone model, iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010, and with it also comes news of its release date. iPhone 4 will be hitting the UK and United States on June 24th, with pre-orders available…

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iPad now available for pre-order in the UK

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The wait is finally over for UK residents who have been patiently twiddling thier thumbs, dying for a chance to get their hands on an iPad. Apple are now taking pre-orders for their tablet device ready to be shipped out…

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Google stops censoring Chinese search results, moves HQ to Hong Kong

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Google have stopped censoring their users search results in China, after relations between the US company and Chinese officials rapidly deteriorated in the past few months. Google have now moved their Chinese-language search engineers to new offices away from mainland…

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N96 Bruce Lee edition – enter the handset

Duncan Geere Mobile phones 1 Comment


Yes, you read that right. Bruce Lee edition. If you didn’t think the N96 could be any cooler, then you’ve got a problem, because it’s not exactly the coolest handset around, but it has just got a smidgen cooler, thanks to this launch. Sadly, it’s Hong Kong only so far.

The handset comes with Lee’s trademark glare on the back cover, as well as a bunch of accessories and a Bruce Lee doll. Several rare photos of the actor are stored on the phone’s memory. It costs 8,788 Chinese Yuan (£870!), and you’ll need to know some Chinese to buy it.

Nokia China (via Unwired View)

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Don't go to (click on) Hong Kong – one-in-five .hk domain names are scams

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Fear-spreader and paranoia-monger McAfee has raised panic levels of internet browsers to DEFCON 2 today, with its latest guidance on web sites that will do bad things to your computer when/if you visit them.

And it’s the Hong Kong domains – web sites ending in .hk – that are the biggest causers of trouble. Trouble like having pornography set as your home page, trouble like…

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Gold and diamond-encrusted Formula 1 Spyker mobile seen at Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Katherine Hannaford Mobile phones 1 Comment

gold-phone-hong-kong.jpgIf you thought Vertu mobiles cost more than your arm and leg, then wait until you hear how much this one from Formula 1 team Spyker will set you back.

Coming in at a whopping £30,000, it won’t just cost you an arm and a leg, more likely all your limbs and…

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Bill Gates plans holiday in Beijing?

Gary Cutlack Weirdness 1 Comment

bill_gates.jpgA poll conducted in China has placed Microsoft Geek-in-Chief Bill Gates as the second most desirable man in the world – for Chinese women to use as a sperm donor.

The overall winner was Hong Kong actor/singer/love hunk Andy Lau, made famous in over 100 HK action movies. David Beckham’s sporting thoroughbred seed placed fifth…

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