Metal Gear movie "probably wont happen"

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It seems like a match made in cinema/gaming heaven, but those waiting for a Metal Gear movie better stop holding their breath. According to Hollywood producer Michael De Luca, the project is in no-mans land without any super high-tech…

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Film studios ban stars from Twitter

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Hollywood studios are banning A-listers from leaking information via Twitter over fears the film industry is being damaged.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a recent contract issued by Disney has banned confidentiality breaches via ‘interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter or any other interactive social networking site, blog or other internet-type site.’

Apparently, rival studio DreamWorks has issued similar guidelines, meaning Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers, who are due to make a Shrek film next year, could be two of the stars affected.

An entertainment lawyer told the Hollywood Reporter: ‘Hollywood has a long history of controlling what talent says in the media. This is just a new area of media that hasn’t been controlled yet.’

Last month American Idol judge Paula Abdul dramatically announced that she had quit her role on Twitter. Fox News later issued an official reaction but the news had already spread worldwide.

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Turning on the Large Hadron Collider (again) in June will be… Tom Hanks

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That’s right, ladies and gentlemen – Forrest Gump will be pressing the big red button when the Large Hadron Collider comes back on in June, potentially dooming us all into getting sucked into a vast black hole. If I do end up ending my life in that way, I’ll be a little happier knowing that it was all Tom Hanks’ fault.

In a scene right out of Blackpool’s Christmas Lights, a Hollywood actor will be taking precedence over the world’s biggest and brightest minds to switch back on the massive, costly, science experiment that was switched off shortly after it was turned on, following a massive plasma leak.

Seriously, though – why Tom Hanks? It’s not like they need the publicity that a Hollywood star will bring to the proceedings. In fact, his presence only detracts from the event, and makes whoever booked him look very foolish indeed. I don’t have anything against Hanks, in fact I enjoy his work, but seriously – in big gold, shining letters – WHY?

(via Crunchgear)

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Forthcoming Second Life movie will inevitably be awful

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Variety is reporting that director Gore Verbinski is working on a film about virtual world Second Life. Universal Pictures will be releasing it, and it’ll be based on this article from the Wall St Journal in 2007.

I’m worried. Worried in the same way that I was worried when I saw Twister, and The Day After Tomorrow. Worried because Hollywood has a tradition of aggressively reinforcing stereotypes, mercilessly mocking what it sees as ‘geeks’, and bending the truth to fit what middle America wants to happen.

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GTA IV launch to pull in $400m, kill Iron Man

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With gaming no longer the bedroom pursuit of adolescent boys who should really get out more, the movie industry is starting to get a little nervous about what it’s doing to the box offices. Variety magazine has now put a figure on what is gearing up to be the biggest game launch in the history of gaming: $400 million. And the fear is that this is one $400m that won’t be going into the pockets of Hollywood execs like it’s supposed to…

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Three strikes and you're back to reading books – UK internet anti-piracy rules revealed

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uk-piracy-green-paper-three-strikes.jpgGood god, they’re actually going ahead with it.

Next week, says The Times, the government will introduce its Green Paper outlining plans to officially adopt a similar anti-piracy stance to the one used in France – get caught downloading copyrighted material three times and your internet connection will be terminated…

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