Japanese technology industry may take months to recover from quake damage

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The disaster in Japan is wreaking havoc with industrial manufacturing and supply, with reports from technology companies suggesting it will take months to get back on track. Japan manufactures around 15% of the technology that goes into our gadgets,…

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LG looking at the end of the line for plasma TVs

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Now I know the image I’ve used isn’t very accurate but a) it’s far more dramatic than some black rectangle of a LG plasma and b) I was going to use this one instead but, seeing as it’s a Samsung and an LCD, that would have been just as ridiculous as this one which, as it goes, is much more interesting, don’t you think?

Anyway, my editorial dilemmas to one side, the point is that LG’s vice president, Lee Gyu-hong, has announced that the Korean giants are taking a bit of a beating on plasma TVs and that they’re thinking about ceasing production…

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Hitachi announces DZ-BD10HA tri-format Blu-ray camcorder

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Hitachi has announced its new DZ-BD10HA high definition camcorder, able to record directly to Blu-ray disc, internal 30GB hard drive, or SDHC.

It features a seven megapixel CMOS image sensor offering full 1080p high definition recording, a dubbing feature which allows footage to be transferred directly from the hard drive or memory card to the Blu-ray disc, face detection, and image stabilisation…

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Hitachi working on 5TB hard drives, values human brain at 10TB capacity

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Hitachi is continuing to push on the limits of hard disc drive technology, despite the continual threat from solid state memory devices, and expects to have a five terabyte HDD available by 2010.

If you care how, it’s apparently to do with “current perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistance” (CPP-GMR), which allows data density to go above one terabyte per square inch…

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New ultra-flat screen UT series from Hitachi include UT32MH70, UT37MX70 and UT42MX70

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This morning Hitachi is launching some ultra-flat LCD screens in their UT series, just one third the depth of standard flatscreens.

With three sizes – the 32″ UT32MH70, 37″ UT37MX70 and 42″ UT42MX70, they have 35mm profiles and weigh a minimum of 10.9kg.

IPS LCD technology has been…

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Hitachi's e-ink 'Silhouette Screen' W61H (it's just a kind of mobile phone)

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As well as all your usual phone bits like being able to make calls, send text messages and also working as a clock/watch, the Hitachi W61H has a special kind of screen stuck on the outside of it to make it look all edgy and designery.

It’s an e-ink screen – a kind of super-low-power ultra-thin display technology (yes, we had to look it up) – capable of showing pretty patterns. Up to 95 pretty monochromatic patterns.

The potential uses for this are limitless. Or incredibly limited.


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Hitachi's DZ-BD9H straight-to-Blu-ray 1080p camcorder

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hitachi-DZ-BD9H.jpgWhat with the HD format war of ultimate tedium all but over, it’s time to sigh heavily and start buying things that have got Blu-ray drives in them. You might as well. We’ll all have to eventually.

Like this thing – the Hitachi DZ-BD9H high-definition camcorder. It takes mini 8cm Blu-ray discs (current UK RRP £14 each), which can store around an hour of footage…

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Hitachi unveils your future desk mate

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EMIEW-2-office-robot.jpgMeet EMIEW 2. EMIEW stands for Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate, which is a nightmare for the poor thing to type in every morning when it logs onto the network, so EMIEW 2 it is.

EMIEW is an office worker robot, which was recently demonstrated at Hitachi’s Research Lab. It has the ability to (brace yourself) guide visitors…

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Hitachi nearly done with its 100GB Blu-ray disc

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blu-ray-100gb.jpgClearly oblivious to the disinterest storms Blu-ray and HD-DVD are kicking up around the world, Hitachi has been bravely working away on increasing the storage capacity of Sony’s expensive blue discs. Perhaps a 100GB one will make people bothered about HD formats?

The tireless Hitachi boffins have managed to squeeze 100GB of storage space on its new blank discs, by mashing four regular Blu-ray data layers…

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