Tories plan super-fast broadband network by 2017

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The Conservative party have vowed to deliver a super-fast broadband network to UK homes by 2017. Is this a case of pre-election carrot-dangling or do the Tories have some concrete plans up their sleeves? The Tories plan to end BT's…

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T-Mobile claims UKs first national HSUPA mobile broadband service

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T-Mobile should today switch on its HSUPA mobile broadband service, claiming it to be the first to cover the whole of the UK.

While HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) is pretty common in the UK now, offering fast access to retrieving content from the Internet from a mobile device or modem, HSUPA (High-Speed Uplink Packet Access) is less widely available…

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UK Government to investigate path to next generation broadband

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fibre_optic_cable.jpgThink your pitifully slow “nowhere near up to eight meg” broadband is a joke? You may be vaguely encouraged that the Government is starting to look at how we move Britain into truly fast, “next generation” broadband.

The Business and Competitiveness Minister, Shriti Vadera, launched the independent review on Friday. It will look at the importance of 100Mbps+ broadband to British businesses, and what the potential barriers are to achieving those kind of speeds.

“The way we will do business, access many government services, as well as information and entertainment, will change beyond recognition over our lifetime. New technologies will push the boundaries of today’s communications infrastructure,” she said. “We need to prepare the way for the UK to adopt groundbreaking new technologies to ensure that we do not get left behind – competitively or technologically.”

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