CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Best Blu-ray movie boxsets

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Top of your Christmas list may be a shiny new flatscreen HDTV, PlayStation 3 or laptop, but if you're really going to get the most out of your new toys you're going to have to get some high-definition content…

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Five HD headed to Sky+ HD boxes

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Channel Five and Sky have today announced that Five will be launching a HD service for Sky+HD subscribers this July. It means Five's many top-rated US dramas such as CSI and FlashFoward will get a HD makeover, as well as…

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Sony unveil BDP-S470 and BDP-S570 3D Blu-ray players

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Sony have unleashed two brand new Blu-ray players, both of which will be fully 3D compatible. The Sony BDP-S570 model will be 3D ready straight out of the box, while those opting for the cheaper BDP-S470 player will get 3D…

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Sagem Freesat+ HD box as John Lewis reports record figures

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SAGEM HD FREESAT front view.jpg

Sagem has announced the availability of its latest Freesat+ High Definition digital recorders. Available with 250GB or 500GB hard drives, the boxes also boast auto set-up and navigation menus.

Sagem’s Freesat+ digital recorders are available from all major high street retailers including John Lewis, Currys, Comet and Argos. The 250Gb model retails for £250 and the 500Gb model is £300.

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Should I buy an OLED TV or stick with LCD and plasma?

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There’s a new display technology in town — OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) — and it could be coming to a large TV near you very soon.

Plenty of big-name manufacturers have already produced OLED TVs, and others are promising to have sets available within the next couple of years.

OLED has a lot of very attractive characteristics meaning it can has the potential to power large, bright, thin, energy-efficient televisions. Then again, LCD and plasma TVs currently rule the roost and are no pushovers when it comes to features.

Should you buy an OLED TV? Let’s take a look…

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Warner offering to swap your HD-DVDs for Blu-rays

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Aware that the Blu-ray market still hasn’t really taken off, Warner Bros are getting a little desperate, and they’re waving an olive branch of peace at people who bought HD-DVDs. They’re going to let people mail the original box art for any HD-DVDs that they bought and swap them for the same title on Blu-ray.

It’s not quite free, they’re charging $4.95 per disc for the service, plus $6.95 shipping, but it’s still much cheaper than buying all the new discs yourself. It might even be worth scanning the local bargain bins for the old HD-DVDs to send off, then flog the replacements you get sent. You won’t be able to make a mint, though. It’s limited to 25 swaps per household.

(via Den of Geek and @stuart_coles)

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