Burn the roof down with these Skullcandy camoflauge G.I. headphones

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skullphones.jpg Our fashionably-clad boys at Brandish have caught wind of these camoflauge headphones from Skullcandy, suitably dubbed the G.I. headphones. If only those Army boys in Iraq had these camo babies plastered to their ears when listening to the Bloodhound Gang’s ‘Fire Water Burn’ in the documentary Fahrenheit 911, they could’ve escaped all that controversy!…

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Shiny Video Review: JVC HA-NC250-E noise-cancelling headphones

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Quickly turning into the noise-cancelling headphone supremo here at Shiny Towers (I think it’s due to that Larry David/bald man exclusive club thing – ever noticed when you’re wearing noise-cancelling headphones, other wearers on the street nod at you, out of respect? Or are my previous JVC models simply that cool?)…

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Review: Shure Sound Isolating Earphones (SE Series)

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shure_se_series_sound_isolating_earphones.jpgIt can be a minefield choosing between headphones, with so many brands touting fantastic reputations around the market, but at least Shure can be one name you can count on for quality.

Each set of the SE Series, from the low-end £99 set to the golden globules of the £329.99 top-of-the-range pair, is crafted…

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CES 2007: Shure unveil new range of Sound Isolating Earphones

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Shure has unveiled a new range of Sound Isolating Earphones, improving upon its predecessor, the E Series Earphones. Acclaimed producer Mike Fraser, who has worked with artists like AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Rush listened to the new flagship…

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