Sennheiser headphones are unmasked as HD-25s with CrystalRoc bling

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Well that’s one mystery taken care of, then. Shiny Shiny has excelled itself today, solving the riddle of the unnamed Sennheiser headphones that were shown on the site last week.

They’re designed by the same company who jazzed-up Rihanna’s microphone with Swarovski crystals and 24…

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Top 5 Gadget Sparklers for Bonfire Night

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Remember, remember the 5th of the November – that's how the saying goes. Now Guy Fawkes, there was a man who knew a thing or too about making a statement. If only he'd have done it with his gadgets though and shown off his status with some bling, rather than trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

So, as it's Firework Night today, what better way to mark it than with five top sparklers from the techno-world. Unfortunately, not all of them can be waved around in the air and they don't make pretty colours in the smoke, but with gold and crystals on them, each one definitely costs more than a penny for the guy…

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Nike aims to embarass with their Sport Culture Headphone hat-thing *ugh*

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nike-headphone-hat.jpgOh Nike, what do we have here? Is it 1994 and you’ve taken fashion inspiration from your dear aunt Mildred, who’s going through her mid-life crisis and thinks she’s Vicky Pollard?

Designed for sport enthusiasts, the pink or navy cable-knit beanie/hat thing will allow you to look ugly as sin…

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Pink amethyst crystal-encrusted Swarovski Fashion Rocks headphones, for the chav within

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If you’re a Londoner, you probably caught wind of the 2007 Swarovski Fashion Rocks event which was held the other week, in fact, you would’ve read reports in the London rags, of the twiglet Kate Moss and cowboy-booted Johnny ‘Jozza Bozza’ Borrell being naughty and smoking during the proceedings.

One of the products created to commemorate the event were these luxury DJ headphones, which are encrusted in…

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Jabra BT8030 headphone/speakers mutant

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Jabra, purveyors of all things Bluetooth headset-like, has branched out into another accessory-for-the-head field, headphones. Not just run of the mill headphones however, as these babies actually unfold into a speaker system. Convergence, we like, we like indeed.

They can stream music wirelessly by Bluetooth, and have a built-in microphone allowing for phone calls to be received when listening to your trip hop. Weighing just 310 grams, they have a standby time of 600 hours…

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Sennheiser CX 300 2.5mm quality earphones designed for music phones

Andy Merrett Headphones / Earphones 1 Comment


Sennheiser has created a music phone friendly version of its CX 300 earphones. Claiming to be the first quality in-ear headphones to be made available with a 2.5mm headphone jack, they boast improved sound quality for music phones.

The CX 300s feature an advanced, miniaturised driver, designed to give smooth, acoustically correct in-ear operation, with an extended response of 18Hz-21kHz.

They come with three different sizes of ear adapters for a perfect fit, which also means that sound leakage is minimised, thus reducing annoyance to other people. They feature powerful, bass-driven stereo sound, and an asymmetrical cable for optimum wearing comfort.

If you want pink, though, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Available now, priced £39.99.


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Denon AH-D5000 "Mahogany" closed headphones designed for music lovers

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denon_ah-d5000_mahogany_closed_headphones.jpgDenon has released the AH-D5000 headphones, aimed at the highest end of the audiophile market, and designed and voiced by Denon’s Hi-Fi engineering team, developers of Denon’s Advanced Evolution Hi-fi ranges, and Hi-fi market leaders in Japan.

These closed headphones are designed to be enjoyed in complete peace, are made from comfortable high-grade soft ear padding, with a lightweight magnesium frame, and real wood mahogany housing for superior acoustic characteristics.

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